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Game Console Repair

Gaming consoles have become essential devices in the modern day for home entertainment. 
The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation have revolutionized the industry with online gaming features as well as streaming movies and TV series. At Ubreakifix we offer repair services that get the console back into your 
home and functioning properly.

Our professionally trained technicians are trained to perform nearly any Playstation or Xbox repair. We 
repair anything from the red ring of death to the unreadable disc error.Our walk-in repair centers 
are conveniently located nationwide and are proud to offer a 90 day warranty on all parts and 
labor for all Game Console repairs. The majority of Game Console repairs can be completed same day.

If you are not located near one of our walk-in repair centers our mail-in repair facility can 
complete your repair and have it returned to you in as little as two days. Our mail-in service 
center provides an 8 hour turnaround guarantee on the majority of Game console repairs. If your 
console is malfunctioning and you are unsure what service is required we offer an always free 
diagnostic to determine what repair or repairs your device may need.