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  • All repairs backed by a 1 Year Warranty.
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Mac Repair

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Mac Repair

Macintosh computers have always been known for quality and productivity. Whether you are 
designing websites and graphics or creating movies and music Macintosh has been known for 
having the best software to create with ease. At Ubreakifix our professionally trained technicians 
will help you get back to creating on your Mac no matter what issue you may be having.
Whether your Mac is running slow due to directory issues or has a broken LCD Ubreakifix can 
repair nearly all Mac problems. We can service any Mac from the Imac to the Powerbook 
Series. Our walk in repair centers are located nationwide and are proud to offer a 1 year 
warranty on all parts and labor for all Mac repairs. The majority of Mac repairs can be completed 
same day so you won’t go a day without your Mac.

If you are not located near one of our walk-in repair centers our mail-in repair facility can 
complete your repair and have it returned to you in as little as two days. Our mail-in service 
center provides an 8 hour turnaround guarantee on the majority of Mac repairs. If your Mac is 
malfunctioning and you are unsure what service is required we offer an always free diagnostic to
determine what repair or repairs your device may need!