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BlackBerry Repair

BlackBerry Repair

If you’re a BlackBerry user, you know what it means to be efficient. But let’s be honest, nothing is efficiently working except patience when your phone goes down. But luckily, uBreakiFix Commack is there for times such as those. Although we’re not against patience, we want to get you back your phone, fixed, as soon as possible.

Interested? Great.

And don’t worry which model you have (Classic, P’9981, P’9983, Q10, Z10, Z30, Bold 9000, Bold 9700, Curve 8520, Curve 8300, Passport, 9630, 9900 or any other model), our wonderful technicians are experts in caring for your device.

So, bring your broken BlackBerry into our Commack store and we’ll get started straight away. After running a free diagnostics test on it (we also have a water damage diagnostics test), we’ll put one of our expert technicians on the job. They’ll try for same-day service, but often fixes can happen in 30 minutes or less, depending on the problem.

It’s worth noting that we gladly offer a price match guarantee and a 1 year nationwide warranty, as well.

Just call us when you’re ready or stop by whenever and we’ll get to work fixing!

And for your reference, here are some of our more common fixes:

Glass Replacement

Everybody drops a phone once or twice in his or her life, at least. When they do, the glass is usually the first thing to break. We can fix it fast.

Port and Dock Repair

You definitely can’t charge or connect your phone when these bad boys are broken. Show us your phone and we’ll make quick work of fixing these both.

Listening Repairs

Loose or bad connections make it hard or impossible to hear. Send your those problems our way and we’ll make audio crystal-clear again for you.

Camera Replacement

Your phone’s camera is immensely powerful…when it’s not broken. Never fear; we’ll replace it and make it like new for you.

Battery Replacement

When a phone can’t charge its battery, you can’t use it. But no sweat, we’ll take care of that.

LCD Replacement

The LCD capabilities built into phones is incredible, but no so much when broken. No need to worry, we’ll fix your LCD screen for you.

Button Repair

We guarantee that if you can push it on your phone, we can fix it.