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What Our Colorado Springs Customers Are Saying About Cell Phone Repair Services

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Cell Phone Repair

These days having a broken smartphone can seem like you’re missing a limb. Whether you use your smartphone for business or for leisure you probably find yourself relying on it for the more crucial areas of your daily routine.  Although we service computers, tablets, and even game consoles the majority of devices we service are smartphones. Whether you own an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S or Note, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola or other smartphone brand we can be your reliable repair solution.

Parts for the most popular smartphones are kept in stock for same day or next day servicing. However if your phone requires a less commonly needed part we can special order it without any additional costs, and as always our parts are backed by our 90 day warranty. Most of our parts are provided from our proprietary Distribution facility, which sources only the highest quality parts available.

If you have a problem with your screen but you aren’t sure which part is damaged we can get you the answers you need. For those that learn best with visual references we keep artwork in our lobby that outlines the fundamentals of how a smartphone screen works. Whether we can replace your glass with a liquid adhesive treatment, or if your phone requires its entire display assembly to be replaced we perform each screen repair in the method best suited to your phone to ensure it functions without complication. We stand by our work with our 90 day warranty, but it is our intention for you never to need it.

If your smartphone is water damaged there is still a very good chance we can fix it. We perform free diagnostics on water damaged smartphones to determine if the phone’s hardware is reliable for further use and if it’s worth replacing water damaged component(s). As long as your motherboard functions nominally then your phone –along with your personal data- can be salvaged.

We also stock accessories for smartphones including cases, charge cables and power supplies, and even tempered glass screen protectors. All accessories are discounted with repairs and installed/applied free of charge.