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Game Console Repairs in Central Scottsdale, AZ

Did you accidentally hit the disc tray on your Xbox 360 S, and now when you try to close it, it only closes halfway? Does your Controller no longer sync with your Nintendo Wii? Maybe your PS3 will not boot up, and you are scratching your head in disbelief. Then unplug your game console and bring it to our uBreakiFix Central Scottsdale location at 8776 E Shea Boulevard, Suite 105. At our store, you can talk to one of our trained game console experts and get your device checked out for free. Our technicians are extremely good at pinpointing the problem your Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation is having.

Why spend hours searching online for game console repair advice?

Online advice has its place, but do you really want user ps3oldtimer telling you what to look for, or to experiment with their sketchy fix for hours? On the other hand, you could save crucial gaming time and stand in front of a game console expert showing you what’s wrong for Free? At the uBreakiFix Central Scottsdale, AZ store, we have more than advice; we specialize in same-day hands-on game console repairs. Do you have an Xbox tray that won’t shut? We will close it. Do you have a Nintendo Wii Controller not connecting? We will sync it. Do you have a PlayStation that will not boot up? We will turn it on. So, when searching for a game console repair near me skip the online advice and watch us bring your gaming device back to life.

Looking for a free diagnostic for your broken console?

Put your money away. As mentioned above, we can put you in front of an expert, game console, repair technician today! They will run a complete game console Diagnostics Exam on your device, absolutely FREE! If you are a real “Gamer” and you need your console back online now, then free is an excellent price. So, are you up for it? Every game console repair starts with our assessment. When the exam finishes, your technician will explain what they found and then provide you with repair options. We will also put in your hands a complete written estimate. Then it is up to you want you want to do next.

Can you fix all kinds of game consoles?

We get asked this game console question all the time, and our answer is, “Pretty much!” We can fix almost any game consoles. However, there are rare instances where a game console is too old, no longer supported, replacement parts are not available, or it was an industry flop, and the company discontinued production. But don’t let that stop you from bringing your vintage device in and allowing us to examine it. We might surprise you; that’s what makes us the experts!

Does uBreakiFix offer console repair warranties?

All game console repairs get the same standard 90-day warranty offered with every uBreakiFix repair. Should anything happen to your console as a result of our repairs, bring it back and we will fix it, no questions asked. Also, if you find a lower published price from one of our local Central Scottsdale competitors, for the same game console repair, bring it in and show us, and we will match it and then take an additional $5 off our quote. To sum it all up. You get a Free Diagnostic Exam, same-day game console repair, lowest price promise with the additional $5 off to beat the competitor’s quote, and a 90-day standard repair warranty.