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Computer Repair

Computer Repairs in Central Scottsdale, AZ

Did your computer’s internal fan not kick on this time, causing your desktop to heat up faster and stop working? Did you try and reboot your laptop, hoping it was just a simple glitch, but now all you see is a blinking prompt on the screen? Without a reliable, internal cooling fan, the inside of your computer becomes a baker’s oven. Both the motherboard and hard drive are at risk of failing if repairs are put off.

Internal Computer Issue? Come to the Pros

Internal computer meltdowns don’t happen that often. When they do, it is never at a convenient time. If your computer has reached its boiling point, our uBreakiFix trained computer technicians would cool your desktop down in no time. If you have a PC, Mac, or Chromebook, they can fix them too, on-site, and with no prior appointment. If you’re looking for the area’s same-day internal computer repair store, then uBreakiFix’s Central Scottsdale location at 8776 E Shea Boulevard, Suite 105, is your go-to internal computer repair place.

100% Free Diagnostic Exam

Not sure what caused the heat spike and ultimately shut down your system? Our uBreakiFix computer repair team will diagnosis your computer and uncover the cause. Our free, no-obligation diagnostic exams are set up to uncover internal heating issues. What the computer technician finds, they will share with you. They will also provide repair costs and approximate recovery time. The average computer wait time is 1-2 hours unless otherwise noted on your written estimate. When you check-in at our Central Scottsdale location, you will find our computer technicians at the counter ready to assist you.

Affordable Computer Repairs Near Me

At uBreakiFix, we love making computer repairs affordable. The days of high-costs for computer repairs are not needed any longer. Part prices keep coming down. Many computer components are quick and easy to remove and replace. But, if you find a cheaper competitor in Central Scottsdale, AZ, bring us their quote. We’ll gladly match their price on a similar repair and then take an additional $5 off our final quote.

Don’t Toss Your Broken Device; Fix It Instead

The last thing most want to do is buy another computer. If they can get there’s fixed promptly, at a fair price, with a 1 year warranty, most will choose that option. That’s what the uBreakiFix store in Central Scottsdale offers our customers. Our warranty protection covers your repair for up to 1 year, no questions asked. If your computer starts having issues, bring the laptop back, and we will fix it, no questions asked.

If Computer Repairs Fail: What’s Next?

In those rare instances where we’re unable to fix your computer, there is no charge. After your diagnostics exam, and depending on the extent of the computer repairs and the internal heating damage, you may have to invest in a new computer. Sometimes the cost of new OEM-spec parts, motherboards, or hard drives may be prohibitive for your computer model. On older desktops and laptops, the manufacturer no longer supports, solutions are limited. But diagnostics at uBreakiFix are always free, so you have nothing to lose from bringing your computer in for a free exam from a certified expert. Come to our store in Central Scottsdale today for a computer repair you can hang your hat on.