uBreakiFix Brookfield

Tablet Repair

You undoubtedly know that the truly tablet revolutionized the technology world. It’s the child of a computer and a smartphone, an integrated, powerful machine that easily travels with you wherever you go. Your tablet is a part of your everyday life and we know what it can be like when they break. Mayhem. But that’s where uBreakiFix Brookfield comes in!

Bring us your broken tablet and we’ll fix it for you as soon as we possibly can, while maintaining the highest level in technical skills. In fact, we strive for same day service on all our repairs, because we know how important your tablets are to you.

First things first: we’ll run a free diagnostics test on it to see what the issue is. After we find it, you can rest assured we’ll do what we can make it like new again. That’s exactly why we put one of our brilliant technicians on the job.

They’re incredibly well-versed can ultimately to do just about anything it takes to fix your tablet, whether it’s in need LCD replacement, of glass replacement, cracked body repair, or one of our many other services.

If your tablet can be fixed, we’ll make sure it happens soon.

And no need to fear, we don’t discriminate against brands, either. It doesn’t matter if your tablet is an iPad or a Kindle, or a comparable device made by Google, Toshiba, Lenovo, HTC, Dell, Motorola, HP, BlackBerry, Samsung, Asus, or Barnes and Noble.

We’re entirely confident that we’ll do a great job for you, to the extent that we give you a price match guarantee to make sure you partner with us, as well as a 90-day nationwide warranty to let you know we mean to fix your tablet right the first time!

So, if your tablet breaks and you’re around the Milwaukee area, whether you’re living there or are just visiting, we hope to see you in our store! We look forward to helping you!