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Game Console Repair

Game Console Repair

Game Console Repair in Brockton, MA

If you're dying to to game, but are experiencing issues with your console, uBreakiFix is here to help! Our techs service a variety of consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. We’ve expertly mended countless consoles, with issues varying from busted buttons to trouble reading discs. When your console has a faulty part, we’ll replace it with a high quality part that’s backed by our 1 year guarantee. On a budget? Ask about our price match promise. No matter what console you stan, uBreakiFix has things covered for all your console repair needs.

Nintendo Switch Repair

When tensions run high in your favorite shooter, or you're in a heated match of Mario Kart... Accidents are kind of inevitable. No matter what kind of issue you have, trust the professionals at uBreakiFix in Brockton for all of your Nintendo Switch repair services! Our experienced repair technicians offer free diagnostic exams for all those problems we’re just not certain about (yet). So if your broken Nintendo Switch is preventing you from gaming, let uBreakiFix help.

Connection Issues: If your Switch is consistently refusing to connect to the Wi-Fi, it’s time to see the repair experts at uBreakiFix. Our team of technicians offers free diagnostic exams, and you can commit to a thorough and efficient repair once we’ve determined exactly what’s causing your connection issues.

Drifting Joycons: If your Joycons have been moving around on their own like a possessed movie character, you may be experiencing drifting Joycons. It’s a pretty common issue with the Switch, and the skilled repair techs at your local uBreakiFix will be able to exorcise the gaming demon out of your analog sticks.

PlayStation Repair

It's hard to keep gaming when your PlayStation gave out on you. If your PlayStation is having problems, bring it to the console repair technicians at uBreakiFix in Brockton. The friendly technicians at uBreakiFix are always happy to help you diagnose (and solve) any issues your PlayStation is having. We support all sorts of PlayStation, from PSP repair and Vita repairs to the very newest console.

PlayStation 4 Repair: If your console is sporting a blinking blue light, no, it's not winking at you - it means something is majorly wrong with your PS4. As soon as you notice a light blinking, bring it to the trained repair technicians at uBreakiFix for a free diagnostic exam. Our diagnostic exam will help us determine what problem is causing your console's issues, and get your PS4 repair finished as quickly as possible.

PSP Repair: Whether your PSP is suffering from a broken screen or wandering joysticks, the experienced repair techs at uBreakiFix are here to help! Our repair technicians, many of whom are giant gamers themselves, have dealt with several different PSP issues before, and are trained to both diagnose and mend any and all of your PSP problems.

PS3 Repair: Is your PS3 having issues playing your games? At uBreakiFix, our highly-trained technicians are no spring chickens when it comes to PS3 fails. Bring your PS3 over to your local uBreakiFix for a complete repair today so you can get back to gaming.

PS Vita Repair: If your PS Vita has an issue, bring it to uBreakiFix for a repair! While the PS Vita can be susceptible to display problems or LED issues, but our local uBreakiFix technicians can help you rectify any screen issues in a flash.

Microsoft Repair

Legend has it that if you whisper to your Xbox that PlayStation is better, it will immediately cease functioning and refuse to start up again.. While that’s only a legend, one thing is for sure: the repair technicians at uBreakiFix have got things covered for every Microsoft Xbox repair. We support all the models of the Xbox, from the original to the Xbox One X. Regardless of whether you’re experiencing the black screen of death, or just have a mysterious case of disc read failure, the repair technicians at uBreakiFix can help you bring your Xbox back to working order.

XBox One Repair: If your Xbox One sounds like two electronic components are fighting to the death, let the professionals at uBreakiFix have a quick look. There are multiple reasons why your Xbox One may make odd noises, but when you come to our store, we'll run a free diagnostic exam to diagnose the problem.

XBox One S Repair: Worried that your Xbox One S may have permanently retired? Bring it to the professionals at uBreakiFix in Brockton for a seamless replacement! It's not unheard of for an Xbox One S to experience motherboard failure, and our trained repair technicians will be able to replace it with a high quality replacement and get your XBox One S repair completed quickly.

XBox One X Repair: If your Xbox One X shut off in the middle of a game, contact the pros at uBreakiFix before your games can even miss you. The skilled repair technicians at uBreakiFix are trained to handle a variety of Xbox One X issues, and it would be our pleasure to diagnose and repair your XBox issues.

1st Generation XBox Repair: If your original Xbox has made it this far, we want to applaud you for taking such great care of it. But, as with all consoles, over time you may eventually encounter a hardware failure or an issue reading discs you can’t avoid. That's where we can help! The talented technicians at uBreakiFix treat your console with care; you'll have your beloved retro console back in your hands before you know it.