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iPad Repair

We’ve been kinda blown away by how cool iPads are for a while now. They have the functionality of a phone, with some of the muscles of a laptop. If you want to keep your children occupied on a long car ride or prepare a keynote presentation for the big meeting, we know that it’s important to you to get your broken iPad tablet back as soon as possible, and we aim to help you do that If you want your iPad Pro back same day, you’re in luck! We usually offer same-day repair, when the issue with your device allows. And with our expert employees, many of those repairs are 30 minutes or less.

When your iPad Air is fixed, it should be fixed right the first time, so bring it to us. If for some reason, the problem persists in the first three months after, we’ll solve it free of charge. As soon as our brilliant employees find the problem, they will take care of it as soon as they can. So, whether your iPad Mini needs battery replacement or loudspeaker repair, glass replacement or dock connector repair, we’ll do our best to bring your device back to life.

Broken iPads are the worst. When the health of your goes south, bring it to our store and we’ll run a diagnostics test to find the problem. And whether you dropped it or some part of it simply ran it’s course, we’ll do what we can to find the issue. And don’t worry if your device has recently gotten wet, we’ll run a water damage diagnostic to see if we can fix the wet technology. And don’t you worry about which iPad you have, we do our best to fix it: iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, or the newest edition. If you’re in Bethpage—whether on a trip or because you call it home—we’ll take care of fixing your iPad as soon as we can, so you can get back to using it how you need. Simply call to set up an appointment or just drop by when you’re can.