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HTC Repair

HTC Repair

Your HTC phone is pretty excellent, but you must certainly also be aware that technology can break. And with that, so can your spirits when you’re relying on your phone for everyday work and communication with people you care about. Whether it’s a mistake or the natural degeneration of a part, we can take your phone and help make it like new again.

When your HTC phone breaks or needs some sort of servicing, go ahead and bring it to us and we’ll run a free diagnostics test to see what the issue is. (that which includes a water damage diagnostic that will evaluate the best way to give your phone mouth-to-mouth after you pull it from of the water). Once we fix your phone, you’ll have a 1 year nationwide warranty—which means the problems you experienced should stay gone. Besides that, we gladly offer a price match guarantee so you can be sure you get your broken phone fixed correctly the first time, by us. We offer numerous services for your HTC cell phone—including, but are not limited to— button repair, headphone jack repair, and body repair. A couple of our specialties include LCD replacement, glass replacement, and battery replacement. Whether yours is the HTC Windows Phone 8x, HTC Incredible, HTC Incredible 2, HTC 7 Trophy, HTC Sensation XL, HTC Wildfire S, HTC Hero, HTC Inspire 4G, HTC 7 Mozart or any other model of HTC phones, our technicians are ready to use their knowledge to bring your device back health for you. 

So whenever you’re on Long Island, we’ll gladly take your broken HTC phone and turn it into a working mobile phone for you again.