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Your iPhone 7 is in good hands

Don’t spend your hard earned money on a brand new device when a repair can make your iPhone 7 as good as new. At uBreakiFix, we can fix any issue you are having with your iPhone 7 whether you need a screen repair, battery replacement, or any other type of repair. Our 90-day warranty and our low price guarantee, make us the leaders in the repair industry. So what are you waiting for? Find your local store and stop by today.

Many customers come in and say, "my iphone 7 won't turn on" and we understand your frustration. If you rely on your phone for work or just staying connected with your family, it is stressful to lose this lifeline. We want to help relieve your stress. We can run a diagnostic exam on your device to see why your iPhone 7 won't power on. It’s usually either a software or hardware complication. Many software issues may be covered under our free diagnostics like an iphone 7 charge port cleaning. A repair service is the best option if our diagnostic shows a hardware issue. Our iphone 7 charging port replacement service is a quick and convenient process and you can be confident that you are receiving a high-quality part. Bring it to your nearest uBreakiFix shop and let us run a full diagnostics.
If you’re tired of coping with a cracked or broken screen on your iPhone 7, we have you covered. Our iPhone 7 screen replacement is one of our specialties and we can have you on your way with a phone that looks as good as new in under an hour. Our diagnostic exam will determine if your device needs an LCD repair or just a glass replacement. It will also check to make sure there are no other hardware issues like damaged charge ports, speaker issues and more. A bad fall can often break just the glass or both the glass and the LCD screen behind it. If you can see discolored streaks or darkened spots on your screen, but the glass isn’t broken, the LCD is likely damaged. Both repairs come with our standard 90-day warranty and low price guarantee. If you long for the days that you can look at your iPhone 7 screen without having to look through cracks and damage, come in for your iPhone 7 glass repair. Visit your local uBreakiFix for the best experience, part quality and repairs in town.
Dealing with a broken cell phone camera is stressful and can really put a damper on a nice day. We commonly see both software and hardware issues with iPhone 7 cameras and whichever is causing yours, we can have it fixed for you quickly and for the lowest price around. A common software issue some users face when they come to us with their iPhone 7 camera not working is an app issue that can be resolved by just removing a particular app. A power cycle, or a hard reset, might solve the problem completely. If you’ve dropped your device recently or you have another reason to think the issue is hardware related our free diagnostic can get to the bottom of it. Whether your issue is with the iPhone 7 back camera or front camera, we’ve got parts that we guarantee will last the lifetime of the phone. Find out more about our iphone 7 camera replacement service by stopping in your local uBreakiFix store
While the iPhone 7 is water resistant up to 3 feet, we’ve seen our fair share of water damage accidents. Over time, and especially if you tend to drop your phone often, the water resistance can start to wear off the device, leaving it vulnerable. If you drop your iPhone 7 in water, turn it off immediately. Then make an appointment to visit your uBreakiFix phone repair professional. Water that is left inside of devices can corrode and cause short circuits inside essential hardware. The longer you leave it, the much less likely we will be able to fix it. So the next time your iPhone 7 comes into contact with water, skip the rice and bring it to uBreakiFix right away.
No sound on iphone 7 can be a huge hassle, especially if you’re trying to listen to music, hear your favorite podcast, or watch a video. Sound issues, just like camera issues, can derive from either software issues or your speaker going bad. There are several things you can do if it is a software issue. We start with a power cycle, this may just reset everything including the annoying app that may be causing the issue. Second, you’ll want to delete any app you recently may have installed. Hardware issues are simply the speaker or the connection of the speaker to your device. Everything on the iPhone is a micro-component meaning that it is super small and not as resistant to impacts as larger counterparts on a laptop or computer. The speaker has a film of very small fabric that can tear or break easily. We can resolve your iPhone 7 speaker problems with an iphone 7 speaker replacement Let our knowledgeable techs diagnose your problem and help you hear everything more clear on the iPhone 7.

Not All Parts Are The Same

At uBreakiFix, we don’t believe that all iPhone 7 screen repair parts are the same. While you may find shops that can offer a lower price for installation, these shops often have low-quality parts and installation technicians who don’t have proper training. If you're basing your iPhone 7 screen repair decision on price alone, you could be risking further damage to your device. At uBreakiFix, we don’t compromise our parts or processes just to have lower prices. Bad parts can further damage your device or give it a lower lifespan. At uBreakiFix, we do it right the first time and though we hope to see you again, we want your iPhone 7 to stay fixed.

iPhone 7 Repair

So you finally upgraded to the iPhone 7, but you’re worried about what will happen if you accidentally crack or break it. Well, we don’t think that getting an out of warranty repair should be expensive or complicated. From cracked screens to batteries that will no longer charge, our entire process is designed to be quick and easy. Our helpful technicians have the tools and expertise to repair your iPhone 7, no matter the issue.

Local iPhone 7 Repair shop Near You

If you’re not sure what service your device needs, take advantage of our free diagnostic exam. A technician will test the basic functions of your iPhone 7 as well as examine the body for any surface damage. They can then determine which of our iPhone 7 screen repair services would be best for your device as well as offer you a price quote. Did you know that there’s more than one type of screen damage? The glass and LCD of your iPhone are very different parts and one can even be damaged without the other. Our diagnostic will determine which service is best for your situation. But the best part is that the diagnostic is cost and obligation-free! While we’d be happy to begin your iPhone 7 screen replacement right away, the customer is never obligated to continue with the repair after the diagnostic.

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Let Us Service your iPhone 7

While iPhone 7 screen repair is our specialty, we’re also pros at LCD replacements, charge port repair and other part replacements and software optimization. Every iPhone 7 screen repair completed at uBreakiFix comes with our standard nation-wide 90-day warranty that protects your iPhone 7 screen replacement in case something unexpected happens. We know that your device was already an investment, so our low price guarantee helps us keep our prices as low as possible. If you can find a lower advertised price for the same iPhone 7 screen repair, we would be happy to match that price and beat it by $5. No appointments are necessary, just bring it into your nearest uBreakiFix and let us show you what we can do for you.

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Our iPhone 7 Screen Repair Process

Our iPhone 7 screen repair process is thorough because we want to make sure that your iPhone 7 glass will last for the life of the device. Settling for the cheapest iPhone 7 screen replacement might leave you with poor quality parts, leading to a shorter device lifespan or even additional malfunctions. At uBreakiFix, iPhone 7 screen repair is our specialty and our professional technicians only use the highest quality of parts and specialized training to make your device look as good as new. Don't be a victim of low quality service, bring your iPhone 7 into uBreakiFix. We strive to be excellent at iPhone 7 screen replacment and we will always make sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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