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iPhone 3GS Water Damage Repair Diagnostic

iPhone 3GS Water Damage Repair Diagnostic


An iPhone 3GS that went swimming used to be sadly reduced to spending the rest of its life as a paperweight. But not anymore! Let the repair professionals at uBreakiFix complete our extensive liquid damage diagnostic process on your device! The process will include checking to see which components still work, which need replacing and what your iPhone 3GS needs to get back up and running in as little time as possible. Once the trained staff at uBreakiFix pinpoints the repair and components needed, they will contact you with a repair quote and time frame for completion. If on the off chance your device is not repairable, it will not cost you anything, the technicians will provide you with a quote before completing the repair! Stop by a local uBreakiFix location today and let the professionals save your iPhone 3GS from a life as a paperweight!

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