No matter the device, we can fix it.

Every phone screen repair starts with a free diagnostic exam to determine if just the glass is broken or if the LCD is damaged as well. From there, repairs can begin in-store and usually take about an hour.

If your device is powering on but won’t hold a charge or not powering on at all, you might need a new battery. Our battery replacement will take care of this issue and get you on your way in under an hour.
If the glass of your device has suffered a crack, but the LCD is still intact, a simple glass replacement is all you need. This service is one of our specialties can be completed in under an hour.
Sometimes a good drop will cause damage to both the glass and LCD. If your screen is not responding to your touch or has lines across the display, a complete glass and LCD replacement is needed get your screen back to normal.
Using the wrong charger or being too forceful with a charger can damage your device’s charge port. If your device is not connecting or holding a charge, a charge port repair should take care of the issue.
Power buttons can stop working if they become displaced or disconnected and stop shorting the circuit that makes it work. If you notice that your power button is losing its clickiness or has stopped actuating altogether, we can replace the flex cable that controls the button.
Liquid damage or a blow-out can cause your device’s speakers to sound dampened or completely silent. We can repair or replace both the loudspeaker and ear speaker if either fail.

Google Pixel 2 XL Repair

Google Pixel 2 XL Repair Process

With the Google Pixel 2 XL, you’ve got all the innovative features of the Google Pixel, in a bigger and better package. However, it’s hard to enjoy these features when the screen is distorted or the battery won’t hold a charge. If you’re ready to start enjoying your phone again, bring it in for a Google Pixel 2 XL repair and we’ll take care of everything.

Google Repair Process

Our technicians are experts at all Google Pixel 2 XL repairs including battery replacements, power button repairs, camera repairs, back glass replacements and charge port repairs. We offer complimentary diagnostic exams to every customer that comes in and though we’d be happy to start right away, customers are under no obligation to continue to the repair. The front glass and the LCD on all Pixel devices are one, fused component and the whole part must be replaced if there is a problem. This repair is an easy one and we can have the phone looking brand new in under an hour. Some companies make you mail in your devices to their headquarters, leaving you without your phone for weeks. uBreakiFix has hundreds of locations across North America and we love being a local repair solution that returns your device same-day.

Our Promises and Warranty

We want our customers to be confident that they are getting the best deal for their repair. Our low price guarantee promises that if you can find a lower advertised price for the same repair we will happily beat that price. We also have a standard 90-day warranty that protects your new Google repair that is valid at the hundreds of locations across the country.

Our Google Partnership

Did we mention that we have Google’s stamp of approval on our Pixel 2 XL repairs? Our partnership with Google allows us to get our parts and specialized training straight from Google. We are always among the first to receive Google’s new devices upon release so that we can start providing repairs as soon as we are needed. So if you need a Google Pixel 2 XL repair, bring it in and walk out with a device that looks and feels brand new.