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Computer Repair

Laptop and Computer Repair in Edmonton, AB

We’ve all heard horror stories of computer repair jobs gone wrong in the past: questionable parts installed, rude and condescending staff, useless or nonexistent receipts, and lack of testing with no follow-up. Chromebook, PC, and Mac repair services are in high demand, which unfortunately leaves a lot of room for problems like these, in Terra Losa and elsewhere.

Trustworthy Laptop Repair Near Me

Cue uBreakiFix in Terra Losa – a company founded on the desire to make device repairs accessible to everyone. With over 500 stores in Canada and the U.S., we’ve learned a thing or two since our humble beginnings – namely that quality and customer experience are the two most important values a computer repair business can have. We thoroughly test each device to make sure it’s working properly before returning it to you, and always use quality parts so that you can rest easy knowing your desktop or laptop is in good shape.

We also provide something that lesser competitors in Terra Losa and elsewhere simply can’t: a no questions asked 1 year warranty on each individual session that completely covers the cost of follow-up repairs if something goes wrong. We’re not here to cut corners – we’re here to fix problems and save days. Our Terra Losa computer repair team is passionate about technology and enjoys putting smiles on customers’ faces. We know we can trust their work, so we’re comfortable swearing by it.

I’ve Never Had a Repair Done Before

If you’ve been putting off your PC or Mac repair because you’re not sure what to expect, worry not; our Terra Losa repair technicians are friendly and understanding. Maybe you know a lot about computers and just never have the time, or maybe you’ve never seen a hard drive before. Whatever the case, uBreakiFix is committed to making your visit as stress-free as possible.

Even if you tried and failed a home computer repair yourself, the only judgment you’ll find here is in our diagnostics process. When you bring your desktop or laptop in, we’ll run a completely free diagnostics test to judge whether it is fixable, what we can and cannot do, and how long it will take. Once you agree to the order, we’ll get started. You’re welcome to sit and wait, as most repairs take about an hour. If you’ve got things to do around Terra Losa, that’s okay too – just stop back after the time estimate that we gave you.

Our Low Price Guarantee

Settling for subpar establishment, especially for something like a Mac repair, could spell trouble for both your finances and your computer. As a chain that also repairs mobile devices, gaming consoles, and other tech products, we strive to be your one-stop shop for all repairs. If you’re considering a cheaper alternative nearby in Terra Losa because you’re short on cash, come in anyway, and ask for a price match. If eligible, we’ll even knock an additional $5 off the cost of your repair as thanks for giving us a chance to show you what we’re all about.