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  • All repairs backed by a 1 Year Warranty.
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Game Console Repair

Game Console Repair in Ottawa, ON

Get the repair you deserve from the best in the business. Stop by our store located in Ottawa, ON today if you'd like to get a free diagnostic, and an accurate estimate on what your repair will cost. Gaming brings people together, so a mechanical malfunction shouldn’t get in our way. Bring it to uBreakiFix.

XBox Repair

We love fixing all sorts of Microsoft gear; including phones, tablets, computers, and of course the popular XBox. Our XBox One repairs are top of the line and certain to satisfy, thanks to uBreakiFix's proven experience. If your device’s life is on the line, bring it to uBreakiFix. The choice is simple. Come to pros who know tons about Microsoft repairs of every variety, ones who truly care about getting gamers online again..

Playstation Repair

From the very first PlayStation, gamers across the globe have addicted to the superior graphics and amazing game selection Sony offers with their console. Today, we complete PS3 and PS4 repairs all the time for gamers in need. If you're currently dealing with a yellow light of death, we’re here to make things right. Whether you're eager to get back to shooting aliens or racing expensive cars online, come to uBreakiFix to start your gaming adventures again.

Nintendo Switch Repair

Want your next party to be a Smash? Then you’ll need a working Switch! Our Nintendo Switch repair services are always completed with tender love and care. Every component is handled with the gentlest of touches, and only the highest quality replacement parts available are used. Your device will think it’s died and gone to heaven; and you’ll think the same, when it’s back in your hands and working like an all-new device again. If you’re dealing with drifting JoyCons, controller issues, banged-up batteries or any otherwise wrecked game console, come to uBreakiFix.

Same-Day Game Repair in Ottawa, ON

Shoutout to all the Overwatch, Fortnite, and Apex Legend players who tell little white lies about why their console isn’t working. For those of you who are actually experiencing issues with your console, uBreakiFix is here to help! Our techs service a wide variety of consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and Xbox. We’ve expertly mended countrless consoles, with issues varying from shattered screens to trouble reading discs. When your console has a faulty part, we’ll replace it with a high quality part that’s backed by our 1 year guarantee. On a budget? Ask about our price match policy. No matter what console you're obsessed with, uBreakiFix has you covered.