Our Story

From Humble Beginnings in a Living Room to Locations Worldwide

Justin, David, Eddie and our first employee Carlos talk about the early days of uBreakifix.

The Whole Story

Breaking your smartphone is an accident that we would all like to avoid, but in 2009 when UBreakiFix’s founder, Justin Wetherill dropped his new (He just took off the plastic!) iPhone 3G it was his aha moment. As an avid tech geek, Justin figured he could repair his phone by himself. After receiving the parts he ordered online, he realized he bit off a little more than he could chew.

“I completely ruined my phone!”

Justin Wetherill

Justin partnered up with his college buddy, David Reiff and they realized that there was a need for high quality smartphone repairs. If two tech-savvy dudes had a hard time bringing their phones back to life, how can someone who barely knows how to power-on their device do it? So Justin and David worked like mad scientists tinkering with a bunch of broken iPhones they bought online. They became pretty good at it and they figured they could run a store on eBay offering iPhone glass repairs at a flat-rate of $79.99. Demand began to increase and the mail order business was booming.

uBreakiFix founded in a living room in 2009

The living room where uBreakiFix was founded in 2009.

First uBreakiFix Store

The guys installing the sign for the first store in Orlando, Fl.

With some help from their friend, Eddie Trujillo, the guys opened their first storefront in Orlando, FL in the summer of 2009. Now, powered by determination and ramen noodles, uBreakiFix has hundreds of stores across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The company has come a long way, but the one thing that will never change is uBreakiFix’s commitment to providing the best customer service in the tech repair industry.