Zune Zooms Off Into the Sunset


At an Apple Event in October, 2001, Steve Jobs said, “You can fit your whole music library in your pocket.” The iPod revolutionized the way we listened and purchased music. From the first 5GB version with click wheel to the 160GB iPod Classic that slowly faded away last year, the iPod was synonymous with MP3 players; in fact the word became like Kleenex for tissues.

"It's just like an iPod!"- What Your Uncle Said When He Bought You a Zune For Your Birthday
“It’s just like an iPod!”- What Your Uncle Said When He Bought You a Zune For Your Birthday

Photo via: Chicago Gadgets

Microsoft had a difficult time breaking into the market, but that didn’t stop them. In 2006, they released the Zune, which was intended to be an “iPod Killer”. Kill the iPod it did not. Possibly bruise it? Nope, it didn’t do that either. This week  it was announced that the Little MP3 Player that Couldn’t would finally meet its maker. Microsoft retired the actual device in 2011, however the streaming service and support kept chugging along, that is until November, 15th whenMicrosoft will terminate the Zune store and the ability to stream content. If you’re still a Zune holdout (So, you’re that ONE guy!) Zune Music Pass subscribers will be converted to Groove Music Pass subscriptions.


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