How to Wipe Your Laptop or PC


A How-to-Guide for Wiping Data before Reselling or Recycling A Computer

So, you’ve decided to finally upgrade that dinosaur of a PC you were using. Now you can finally enjoy the modern perks of updated technology!

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad… But, still, here you are; trying to clear some space and wondering what to do with your old computer. 🤷🏻‍♀️


You have a few options. You could put it up on a shelf somewhere for 5 years, swearing that one day you will transfer all the pictures and memories off of it…

(But, having been there once or twice myself – we both know it’ll never happen.)


Another option for passing on older tech is to resell it, which can be a great option to recoup a good portion of your initial investment. If you’re shopping for a new PC, many stores offer a trade-in your tech, also known as “e-cycling.” Both are fantastic options, and certainly beat having your old device collecting dust and taking up room in your home. 

No matter what way you choose to usher your PC or laptop into its next life, there is one thing you’ll need to do first. Wipe your computer!


It’s a terrible idea to pass on your computer, PC, laptop or any other device without wiping your personal information first. Our personal computers are, after all, personal- and they hold a ton of our private information, from passwords & photos to documents & credit card information. Wiping your computer before you pass it on is crucial to protect your data and properly secure your personal info.

So, now you may be thinking – “Okay, but how do I wipe my computer?” Keep reading; we’ll break down the process for you. 


Before Wiping Your Device:

Please keep in mind that once you fully reset your device all personal information and data will be gone. Before you do any type of reset factory, it is always important to back up your device. Make sure to transfer all the files and information you’d like to keep to some type of storage system, like an external hard drive or upload things to the Cloud. 


How-To Wipe Windows 10 Laptop or PC


  •  Selected “Settings” via the Start Menu. 
  •  Select “Update & Security” and then “Recovery”
  •  You should now see an option to “Reset This PC” select “Get Started”
  • You’ll be presented with “Choose an Option” which is where you will select “Remove Everything” if you are doing a full wipe of your PC or Laptop. 
  • Now, simply follow the prompt provided, once you have completed this your computer will reset back to its original factory setting. Removing all of your personal information that was once attached to it.




* Note: Depending on your PC or laptop, this information might be slightly different, but should not be very far off. 


There you have it, guys; super simple! We hope that this guide has been helpful in understanding not only how to wipe your PC or Laptop, but why it’s so important. Taking this quick step can help keep you and your personal information safe. 


Be Kind, Recycle! ♻️


Not sure how to dispose of your unwanted PC, laptop, or other technological devices? “E-cycle” it and do your part to be environmentally-responsible!


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To learn more about how uBreakiFix is dedicated to increasing the recycling of tech and reduction of e-waste around the world, read our “Commitment To Sustainability” pledge.


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