What’s NeXt for Nintendo?


It probably comes as no surprise to you that the Wii U wasn’t the successful follow-up console that Nintendo was hoping for.  In fact, with less than 10 million consoles sold it’s Nintendo’s lowest-selling console of all time (Ouch). The OG Wii brought gaming to folks who thought Yoshi was something you can get at a Japanese restaurant, like your grandmother’s knitting circle at her retirement community. Despite the poor sales of the Wii U and lousy titles (Super Mario 3D World is an exception), Nintendo is hoping to make up for it with their next gaming console.


At this year’s E3, Nintendo didn’t really give too much away about the NX; the console that they’re currently developing. They also didn’t showcase anything new and exciting for the Wii U which means it will continue to die a slow death; something it has been doing since it was released in 2012. What do we know about the NX? Well, we wish we knew more, but we really don’t at this time. Some say that the NX will be a dedicated gaming platform that will run on Android and other rumors state that the NX will not be a direct competitor to XBox One and PS4. Instead, it will have a VR/AR component. Will it be a 20 year follow up to the Virtual Boy? If it is, we can be certain it will have better titles, graphics, and less wires.

Let’s try to forget that this was a thing, OK?

Photo Via: Wikimedia

We don’t know much about the new console, but oddly enough we know a few games that will be released for it. Square-Enix let it slip that they are currently developing Dragon Quest XI for Nintendo’s new console, but as of this week they retracted that statement, but gamers know better. Zelda was supposed to be launched for the Wii U this year, but it has been pushed back (again) until 2016. Maybe it won’t be released for the Wii U at all and will be a part of the NX’s launch in 2017. Or will it be 2018?

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