What’s up with the new Google Pixelbook?


Google has just announced, as of October 4th in San Francisco, that its new flagship Chromebook called the Google Pixelbook will be officially available to the public this Halloween, October 31, 2017. You can go ahead pre-order your very own Pixelbook today, but it will set you back a pretty penny. Unlike the affordable prices of Chromebooks released previously, the new Google Pixelbook will cost anywhere from $999 to $1,649. You can buy the Pixelbook Pen and complete the package for another cheeky $99.

Pixel Googlebook Specs

The Pixelbook design will mirror Google’s flagship phones. Think two-tone, glass-on-aluminum for a sleek and modern appearance. It will also be taking the traditional convertible figuration of yore up a notch. Google says that the Pixelbook will be a 4-in-1 device. By this they mean you can configure the Pixelbook 4 different ways—  tablet, stand, tent, and laptop. It will have a 3:2 aspect ratio display with a 12.3 inch screen. Thanks to its 4-in-1 design, though, the screen can rotate an entire 360-degrees.


Storage Options

One of the most exciting aspects of the new Google Pixelbook is its promising storage options. It will offer more storage than any Chromebook or Chrome OS operating device ever before. The Pixelbook will be available in three sizes— 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB of flash storage. It will also feature Kaby Lake Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors.


Another cool feature of the forthcoming Google Pixelbook is that you’ll be able to use any Android app on it. The Pixelbook is the first Chromebook with access to the entire library of Android apps in the Google Play Store.


Google Assistant will also be integrated into the Pixelbook. You can use the virtual assistant by simply prompting, “Okay, Google” like you would to an Apple product by saying “Hey, Siri.” The keyboard will even have a dedicated key to Google Assistant.

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