What To Do If You Lose Your Smartphone

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Many of us have been in that dreaded situation, your phone has gone missing or has been stolen. It is a stressful situation that happens to so many people every day- but there are certain preventative measures that can be taken to make the event of a stolen/missing phone easier for everyone involved.

The first steps you can take happen before there is any chance of your phone going missing, in fact, these smart steps can be taken care of when you first purchase a new phone. Even if you have had your phone for a while already, it is never too late to prepare!

The first thing you will want to do is to save your phone’s unique identification number. This number can be found under your phone’s battery, or, you can go into your phone’s settings option, go to the About My Phone section, and it will be listed there. Store this number somewhere safe, and somewhere that you will remember, should you end up needing it.

One of the awesome thing about smartphones, is they offer the ability to lock your screen with more than just a button. Your phone has the ability to lock using a unique pattern, number combination, or swipe to get into your phone’s main screen. Make setting this feature up a top priority as soon as you get it. Another important component of your phone’s security is looking into installing a remote security application for your phone. There are many out there, some are free, some charge a low yearly fee, but they offer an amazing peace of mind, the ability to remotely wipe your smartphone in the even it goes missing. It may require a bit of research to see which option will be best for your phone type and carrier, but it is well worth the small amount of time that takes.

Going hand-in-hand with having the ability to remotely wipe your phone, make sure you regularly schedule back-ups for your phone. Depending on how much new information and contacts you regularly add to your phone, anywhere from once a week to every month or so should keep your data current, should you have to wipe or replace your phone.

Of course, there are still the most “old-fashioned” methods of handling a lost or stolen phone. Send a text to your phone offering a reward, it just may have ended up in the hands of a good Samaritan who wants to get your phone back to you as soon as possible. Last, but not least, call your provider and let them know so they can make the proper temporary changes to your service, and possibly help you to locate your phone.

Please make note of all these steps, so that if your phone takes a hike- or someone else takes it for a hike, you are confident you know just what to do!



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