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Effective Tips for Working Online from Anywhere

Whether you’re looking to get things done on the go, incorporate a workspace into a small urbanite apartment, or have an entire empty office but aren’t sure what to do with it, we’ve got you covered. Check out these personalized tips for maximizing your workspace no matter where you are. 


For Small Spaces: 

If you work in a small spot, we recommend multi-purpose furniture. Side tables that can double as a laptop stand, desks that can be folded and stored away, and a few storage bins can all work wonders. Wall-mounting your monitors gives you a ton of room without sacrificing any surface space, and if they’re on an adjustable arm, it also makes it easier for you to switch from standing to sitting throughout your workday with ease. Working on a small desk? Go for a wireless keyboard and mouse. If your job allows for it, try a 75% or 60% keyboard too. It’ll add a ton of extra room while eliminating unnecessary wires.



Love working on the go? Keep a lightweight laptop bag filled with your supplies, so you can get to work wherever you are. Try a portable laptop stand to help you keep your monitor raised and your keyboard positioned correctly. It’s like an ergonomic workspace kept right in your pocket. Keep a spare set of sanitizer and charging cables in your work bag; preferably in a zippered pouch so that they’re easy to find (and to put away again properly) even when you’re out and about.


Note: If you’ve been working remotely, don’t skip this section just because you don’t expect to travel anytime soon. These on-the-go tips can be adapted to escape the drudgery of a dark house, or even to find a quiet spot for a meeting without your noisy neighbors making it impossible to hear. 



If you’re trying to get things done while your kids are attending class online, or your significant other is remote too and you’re both trying to figure out a way to make working “work,” this section is for you. If you enjoy working next to your partner, try a double-desk so you can work side-by-side. On the flip side, if you’d rather keep separate but don’t have the space: a divider can work wonders. Tall shelving is a great way to keep your work stations apart, and it allows you to store important items so you can grab them while you’re in a work-groove without getting up.



More Success Strategies for Working from Home

While working from home has a lot of advantages, it can also be tricky to manage. If you’re looking to ensure you’re set up for success, try these tips and tricks we’ve found to achieve peak productivity while working from home.  


Design your space

Try not to work from your couch, bed, or other places in your home that you usually associate with relaxing. If you can, design a specific workspace that has everything you need close by and preferably away from the distractions in your home. If they’ll let you, close your pets out of your workspace as well. They love that you’re home, but it can be a huge distraction if you let them.


Establish a routine

Establishing a routine and sticking to it is the best tip we can offer. Wake up at a set time every morning and leave yourself some freedom to have breakfast and get ready for the day. You don’t have to go business casual at home, but changing your clothes and having a morning routine is a great way to shake the tiredness off and when it’s time to start, you can sit down and get started with a full stomach and a clear head. It’s crucial to make a calendar and stick to it.

Whether it’s your Google Calendar or an old-fashioned physical planner, you should schedule your work hours and breaks so that you’re less likely to get distracted when you should be focusing on a project or task. If you need to schedule meetings, try to set them all relatively close together so you have blocks of time before or after to focus on other projects.


Make sure your tech works when it needs to

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to work from home with tech that won’t cooperate. Offices have the luxury of an IT department, but working from home often means you’re on your own if your tech doesn’t work. Reach out to your local uBreakiFix if you’re having tech troubles and would like expert advice and a free diagnostic. Our tech-savvy staff is ready to help when you’re at your wit’s end, so that you can get back to work faster.


When work is done, stop working 

Another important productivity tip is to stop working when your workday is done. Not having structured work times can lead to staying up late and focusing too much on work at all hours. It’s just as important to leave work behind at a certain time as it is to stay focused during work hours in order to avoid burnout.


If you use Slack or Google Chat to communicate with coworkers, utilize the “Do Not Disturb” functions so that coworkers aren’t able to contact you after a certain time.


Don’t skip screen breaks

Resist the temptation to zone out online on your break. Try to take a quick walk outside or do a mini-workout instead; fresh air and a little exercise help clear your head, and your eyes get a break from staring at screens all day. One of the downsides of working from home is that you’re surrounded by things you love, which can be fairly distracting.

To avoid giving in to these temptations during work hours, schedule breaks and use a concentration app to keep you focused during work hours. For those searching for a tech-saavy solution for a wandering mind, here’s a quick round-up of our favorite apps for staying productive online.



Productivity Apps We Like: 



This free application can be used across all kinds of devices to keep track of your notes, lists, and everything else, so you never miss a beat.


A simple, flexible, free project management tool, Trello’s layout resembles a pinboard, making it simple to add notes and ideas from any device.


Apple’s ‘Reminders’ application is built-in on iOS devices, and allows a convenient way to keep track of your schedule and see all your daily plans at once.




Free yourself from the Internet for up to eight hours at a time with this simple app for blocking unproductive sites.


Stay on track while you’re online by blocking sites that you spend way too much time on with digital Self-Control.


Keep your goals in site and reduce your time on certain websites, so you don’t start scrolling social media and lose focus.




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