Waiting for the iPhone 4?


With the release of the iPhone 4 less than a week away, it’s decision time. Do you want to repair your broken iPhone or just wait for the iPhone 4? The obvious answer is to wait for the iPhone 4, but did you know that your current iPhone may still be worth up to $500! Don’t believe me? Checkout eBay or craigslist and see how much your iPhone 3G or 3Gs is selling for. I watched an eBay listing for a used 3Gs iPhone end at over $500 this morning.

Even if you’re planning to get the iPhone 4, it is still worth repairing your old iPhone even if you plan on selling it. Fully functional iPhones are worth significantly more than broken ones and there is no reason not to have it repaired. So why are used iPhones worth so much when a new iPhone 4 is only $200-$300? The answer is simple, a 2 year ATT&T contract. Most iPhone users, especially the ones using T-Mobile, don’t want to be locked into a 2-year ATT&T contract. This makes a contract-free iPhone very very valuable.

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