Using your Device: Why Proper Posture is Important

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Have you ever read an article about the proper way to sit in a chair while typing or working? Uncomfortable as it may seem, there is a proper posture for sitting in chairs, as well as a proper posture for using your electronic device. So, if you care to not look like Gollum after years of improper texting, please keep reading for useful tips!

See what years of improper text posture can do?
See what years of improper text posture can do?

Bring your device to eye level

To alleviate some pressure from your poor spine, bring that device up eye level. That’s right, bringing your chin down to your stomach is never a good idea. You can also use the best computer chair for long hours for back pain for your office or if you’re a gamer.

You're a big texter, aren't you?
You’re a big texter, aren’t you?

Bowling balls on your head

That’s right- bowling balls! By holding your head down to text, you put unnecessary weight on your shoulders. The head weighs 12 pounds on its own, and improper posture during texting can cause the head to hold the equivalent of 60 pounds. The jury is still out on the accuracy of these claims, but there is no way your chin hanging out with your Adam’s apple can be a good thing.

Meet your new head!
Meet your new head!

Text claw/Text elbow

Sadly, this is not any kind of cool arcade game, rather unbecoming side effect of holding your phone like a goblin. Holding your phone for extended periods of time can lead to your hands actually locking into that position, usually requiring minor medical attention.

Text claw’s less sinister sounding cousin, text elbow is pretty much the equivalent of tennis elbow.

After text claw
After text claw


In all seriousness, learning to hold yourself and your device properly will go a long way in preserving the health of your bones and muscles.  As devices change, we will have to adapt by learning the proper way to use certain things, so as not to compromise our beloved skeletons.

Plus, who really wants to admit to an elbow sprain from Candy Crush?


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