uBreakiFix’s First Boulder Startup Week


Boulder prides itself on being a community oriented city. It’s a place where outdoor recreation meets intellectual stimulation- and what a beautiful pairing it is! The citizens of Boulder are proud to say they live there, and they are constantly working to integrate people and businesses together in one happy, high functioning place. uBreakiFix instantly knew that Boulder was a good place to put some roots down, a place where we were not just conducting business transactions, but working alongside Boulder residents to help the city flourish and prosper.

We've added Boulder to our list of places we call home!
We’ve added Boulder to our list of places we call home!


It’s for these reasons, uBreakiFix Boulder is so excited to announce we will be taking part in the annual Boulder Startup Week! This is an awesome week dedicated to introducing new and emerging startups to each other, as well as the good people of Boulder. Boulder is an especially exciting place for this event to happen, as many “tech transplants” tend to move here, and it truly becoming a hotbed of technological thought and innovation.

So if you want to talk technology, or you have some electronic devices you never knew could be repaired right down the street from you, come stop by our booth at Boulder Startup Week- we are so excited to meet you!

No place like Boulder!
No place like Boulder!

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