uBreakiFix Tempe aids local ASU students in their Video Game Woe’s


Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are the “Big Three” when it comes to home video game systems. Whether it’s casual games with your parents on the Nintendo Wii, the ever popular Halo on the Xbox 360 or watching Blu-ray movies on your PS3 just about every household has at least one of these video game systems in their home. Why wouldn’t you? These high powered machines are a must have in any entertainment set up, but, what if they break? That’s where companies like uBreakiFix swoop in to save the day.

A common issue with the two HD capable consoles (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) is that they overheat, so much so that it can render the device entirely useless. The appropriately named Red Ring of Death, or RRoD, is the thorn that has been in Microsoft’s side since the 360’s launch in 2006. Essentially, the device is heating up so much that the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is lifting off of the motherboard, thus, loosing it’s connectivity and causing display issues, audio issues, or even the dreaded 3 red flashing lights. uBreakiFix in Tempe Arizona offers a quick and affordable solution for this that can often be done same day.

The problems of these devices aren’t limited to just the overheating issues. uBreakiFix keeps multiple replacement disc drives/blu ray drives in stock for when they go bad. It’s a common issue that happens to the hardcore gamer, one who puts in 30+ hours a week on their system. These devices are extremely powerful but the downside is to make it affordable for the consumer cost had to be cut somewhere. Often this falls on parts like these disc drives which are constructed of almost entirely plastic.

In a disposable economy most people don’t realize that repairing these products is even possible with out going through the manufacturer and waiting weeks to get your product back. uBreakiFix Tempe professional staff looks to change this “Game Over” mindset and help people get back to playing games without having to break the bank

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