uBreakiFix Pittsburgh: iPad 2 Adventure

Company Culture


Pittsburgh is a town where everyone loves to support their local businesses- a place where hard work and dedication to service are the two most important elements of any business transaction.

Just a few weeks ago, a gentleman named Jim walked into our uBreakiFix Pittsburgh shop. He came in with a second generation iPad (our most popular iPad for repair) that had fallen off the roof of his car a few days prior. Jim was still in a great mood- highly optimistic about getting his device repaired. In truth, Jim was just happy to have his device back in his possession. By the time he had arrived home, his iPad 2 was nowhere to be found. A kind stranger had picked up the device and brought it to a local Apple store, where Jim was contacted. Upon arriving at the Apple store, Jim was told nothing could be done to repair his iPad 2, and he found himself on the path to uBreakiFix!


Jim walked into uBreakiFix ready to hear bad news. He was prepared to purchase a new iPad 2, but figured he would at least see what uBreakiFix would say about his device. The technicians informed him that they would be able to fix the device- and he would be able to keep all his data without the hassle of transferring information. In fact, the whole process would be worry free.

Just a few hours later, Jim held his new-looking iPad 2, happy he had given uBreakiFix a chance. He promised to tell his friends, and was happy to hear we wanted to share his experience as well. So, if you live in the Pittsburgh area, and have an electronic device that you are sure is dead, think again. uBreakiFix can put your device on the road to recovery, and make your day a little brighter!

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