uBreakiFix Jax Fixes It’s First iPhone 4!


Saturday we had our first iPhone 4 customer sadly walk into the store with a shattered back housing (made of glass). Unfortunately we didn’t have the part yet, so we told him to come back on Tuesday, which he did. We still didn’t have the parts in stock yet, so we gave him the back off of one of our phones that we bought yesterday, so now I am walking around with a shattered back iPhone 4(check out the pictures)… But I will have to withstand the wait until Thursday when we get the parts in.

The day yesterday started early. Midnight early. At midnight, David and myself headed up to the Town Center to wait in line for the iPhone 4. Upon our arrival, we saw that nobody was waiting there yet. So we drove down the street to our store and took a nap for a bit and headed back around 3:30 a.m. We were numbers three and four, respectfully, in line. From that point forward we spent the night dozing off in our beach chairs, watching Arrested Development on Netflix and talking with our neighbors. There were about 50 people in line behind us by the time the store opened. Such a different story than last Thursday, waiting for the iPhone 4 at the Apple store.

The AT&T employees opened the doors and cheered us in (how embarrassing) at exactly 7:00 a.m. David and I walked out with our beautiful new iPhones thirty minutes later and got an interview with Ashley from Action News Jax.

Although the new iPhone 4 is outfitted with “gorilla glass 30 times stronger than plastic,” it has already proven itself unable to withstand a drop of just three feet. Stop by the store if you have any questions and obviously if you have any problems with your current iPhone!

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