uBreakiFix Celebrates 200 Stores!


As employees pour their first coffees following the holiday weekend, they are greeted in the kitchen by a trio of drooping red balloons that seem to be tiredly dancing on their strings, a reminder of the celebration that took place last week. The balloons spell out “200” and in their prime they were glistening symbols of a huge milestone was reached last week when we opened our 200th uBreakiFix store.

The store itself in Davie, FL opened quietly. There was no hoopla, ribbon cutting or speeches. Our techs just got right to work repairing and caring for customers. At the home office things weren’t so quiet. This place has a constant hum about it. We’re always working on improving our stores and the customer experience so when the opportunity to celebrate presents itself, we’re all in. We laughed, hugged, high-fived and reminisced about how 50 stores seemed like just yesterday.




It really wasn’t that long ago. uBreakiFix hit 50 stores in 2012 and then 100 stores in January of 2015. We’ve grown faster than our founders ever thought possible and we don’t intend on slowing down. In fact, we’ve already opened our 201st store! By the end of this year, we will have over 275.

The balloons remain in the kitchen but the rest of the office is back at it again. We won’t stop until we become the household name for device repair.

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