The Best Travel Apps to Make Your Trip a Breeze

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Jet setting and exploration are summer staples and thanks to smartphones, travel is easier than ever. Here are some essential travel apps that will make your next trip an absolute breeze. 


Citymapper is a map app that helps you navigate around new cities like a local. It consolidates every mode of transportation the area has to offer and helps you find an appropriate route to where you are going and the easiest way to get there. Navigate any subway system, bus route or grid system like a pro while getting live updates on changes and delays in transportation.

Guides by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s Guides app allows you to keep a condensed travel guide on your smartphone. No more trying to find wifi or a connection in a foreign place. Simply download the guide for the city that you are traveling to before you go and you’ll have expert advice on where to eat and drink, sights you should see, and things you should do. Plus, you’ll get maps and phrasebooks included in your city guide! 


Sidekix offers downloadable city guides with recommendations for dining, drinking, and activities. Plus, it helps you navigate your way to them! Sidekix will map out the best route to take on foot if you’re out exploring a new city, all while pointing out points of interest along the way.

Google Trips

Google Trips gathers all information about your upcoming trip from your email inbox and organizes it for you. This classic travel app can also help you map out half or full-day itineraries and suggest sights to see and activities to do nearby. Plus, it works offline so you don’t need to rely on wifi in to use it.


GeoSure provides a safety score for travel destinations. It uses data from a variety of sources, like the CDC, World Health Organization, the United Nations, and local authorities. They score the destination based on potential health risks, environmental hazards, threats to women, and political turmoil. Plus, GeoSure offers advice on how to get around safely once at your destination, like if it’s okay to walk or if it’s safer to take a cab.


Hopper scans flights to help you book the best and most affordable option. Not only does this travel app allow you to book a flight from your phone, it will also let you know the best time to buy so that you can save the most money. It will advise you whether to go ahead and book or wait and it will notify you the second the price drops.


PackPoint creates a custom packing list for your impending travels. Simply enter a few key details, such as the destination, dates, length, and activities planned, and you’ve got your very own bespoke guide to packing.


AirHelp can work to get you reimbursement for delayed, overbooked, and canceled flights. If you meet the proper criteria, AirHelp will submit your claim and help you get a refund. While it works for both domestic and European flights, the success rate is higher for the EU as their laws allow compensation for flight interruptions and delays. They don’t charge for submitting a claim on your behalf, but if Airhelp succeeds, they keep 25% of the refund.

Cafe Wifi

Cafe Wifi uses your location to track down nearby spots that offer free wifi. What more needs to be said?

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