Top 10 Questions Your Family Might Ask About Their Tech

12 Days of Tech-Mas

Being home for the holidays means that it is no longer possible to dodge your family calls asking for help with their electronics. As a tech-minded person, they will inevitably throw their phones, tablets and other electronics at you and demand that you make it better. You can be ready by studying up on the answers to these frequently asked tech questions.

Q: How do I find my apps?

A: Chances are that your family member either deleted an app or moved it into a folder on accident. It could also be that they don’t know how to open the menu to see their full list of apps. Once you find it you can move it to a more obvious location and show them how to search for apps if this ever happens again.

Q: How do I see your photos on Facebook?

A: The answer to this FAQ is optional. You would be well within your rights to fib that you have no idea, but if you don’t want to disappoint Nana, then you can show her the search feature on Facebook. If your family members insist on adding you as a friend, learn more about how to change the settings on who can see your posts here.

Q: Why do I have so many spam emails?

A: If your relative uses an email service like AOL that does not group advertisements and spam into separate folders, their inboxes probably contain thousands of emails. You can use a service like to clear them out and give them a clean slate. You should also suggest that they switch to a better email site like Gmail which is eligible for virtual mailbox, but only if you have the nerve to teach them a whole new interface.

Q: How do I get to Netflix?

A: Many people took advantage of the good deals of Black Friday and bought a smart tv. But even Smart TVs can be complicated for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Walk them through the steps of downloading the app to the TV and show them all the different apps there are to choose from. Showing every step that it takes to get from off to their favorite show will save you from a phone call in the future. 

Q: How do I connect Bluetooth to my car?

A: Helping someone connect their Bluetooth to their car can open new possibilities for listening to music and making calls. Check the manual of the car for instructions on how to pair a phone to the car. It might involve a specific pin or a series of button presses, then walk them through how to use it.

Q: How do I make my computer faster?

A: Slow computers could be bogged down with too many files or even possibly a virus. Run a virus scanner and a file cleaner to start with, or bring the device to a repair professional for more comprehensive tests.

Q: How do I make the text bigger?

A: Older family members have a much easier time with their smaller devices when the text is enlarged. Going to Settings>General>Accessibility>Larger Text> On will give them a much easier time.

Q: How do I use my tablet?

A: Tablets or newer electronics, in general, can be a learning curve if you’ve never used one or if you are trying to learn a new operating system.

Q: How do I transfer photos to my computer?

A: Creating a cloud account for your loved one and securing all of their photos makes a great Christmas gift. Tell them that they never have to worry about transferring them or losing them ever again.

Q: Can you show me how to Skype?

A: Proceed with caution, but if you really want your relative to have the power to Facetime or Skype you, download the app for them and show your family how to make a call and how to avoid making an accidental call.


No matter the question, take a deep breath and be patient. And when in doubt, the first step is always to turn it off and turn it back on again.

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