The Best of 360 Camera Video

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While immersive video is relatively new on the scene of online video, it has quickly become the absolute coolest way to share an experience. When Facebook and Youtube launched 360 video capability on their platforms in 2015, available videos were limited to those few companies and filmmakers who could afford and properly use a 360 camera. In just over a year, we now have dozens of 360 camera choices and that’s resulting in some high-quality videos that we don’t think anyone should miss.


Really Close to Space – Stephen Dechert


Nobody has had the opportunity to launch a 360 camera into space, but these guys got pretty dang close. They launched a 360 camera on a weather balloon over South Florida and the result was some pretty gorgeous nearly space shots. There is some spinning and turbulence so beware of motion sickness, but the view is worth it.


Puppies – Buzzfeed

There’s no real need for a caption on this one. They’re puppies and they’re adorable.


Leo DiCaprio winning his first Oscar – Casey Neistat


If you’re a fan of Youtubers, then you’re no stranger to Casey Neistat. An enthusiastic Leonardo DiCaprio fan, Neistat was given the opportunity to go to the Oscars with a prototype of Samsung’s new 360 camera to capture the excitement of Leo’s first Oscar win.


Hamilton Cast “Wait for it” – CBS


In preparation for the Tony Awards, CBS filmed several Broadway musical casts singing popular songs from their shows with 360 cameras. Just like the rest of the world, we have Hamilton fever and we love to watch this simple but powerful video over and over.


Mega Coaster – Discovery


Discovery takes you to Six Flags Magic Mountain where you can experience the intense 60 mph excitement of The Mega Coaster. EXTREME motion sickness warning for this one, especially if you choose to flip the perspective around.


Real Life Where’s Waldo – Corridor

Let’s round out the list with something silly. This group of guys made a 360 game of Where’s Waldo, complete with secret agents and hot pursuit. This one just goes to show that there’s truly nothing you can’t do with this tech.

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