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The crowdfunding site Kickstarter has introduced the world to some revolutionary and insanely cool innovations. The Pebble Watch, Exploding Kittens the board game, and (my personal favorite) The Veronica Mars movie would never have been a reality without the help of fundees. It’s a great place to peruse the latest in tech and learn about the next big ideas that we’ll soon see in stores. Kickstarter has allowed the consumer to have a say in the products that reach the market but it’s easy to get lost in everything there is to see on the site. Here are 4 new and noteworthy projects that are worth looking at and may even be worth your money.

The World’s First $49 3D Printer by 101Hero


If our last post got you interested in owning your own 3D printer, you should really get behind this project. Creators 101Hero claim to have invented the most affordable 3D printer in the world, making the technology available to anyone. Using the 101Hero computer program, users can choose between pre existing designs or create something original. Designs are transferred from the computer to the printer with an SD card.


It’s great to see people coming up with new and less expensive ways to get 3D printing into the hands of more consumers. It’s not only a good way to create your own tchotchkes but it’s a great learning tool for kids and schools.

Pledge perk amounts for this project range from $5 to $700 but it only takes a $49+ pledge to secure you a 101Hero Printer. The project is way over its goal already and shipping is estimated for October 2016.


iSCOUT Head-Up Display(HUD) by Noufal



iScout aims to help drivers stay connected while eliminating the need to look away from the road. Using a Head-Up Display (HUD), iScout projects information like car speed, fuel level, GPS navigation, incoming calls, messages and social media content as a floating virtual image in front of the driver. Drivers interact with the iScout using hand gestures and voice commands, making it completely hands free. The device also connects with your car allowing it to alert you when you’re low on fuel or speeding. The Premium versions of the device also come with a dashcam and blind-spot camera.


Aside from just being cool to look at if iScout has any real potential to reduce accidents caused by distracted drivers then it is a project worth backing.


To actually get an iScout, backers have to pledge at least $269, but they will be ready to ship by November 2016. iScout is only $1000 short of their goal but still has plenty of time to make it there.


Vi. The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer by LifeBEAM


This incredible looking product can put the expertise and encouragement of a personal trainer into a pair of biosensing earphones. Similar to a fitbit, Vi tracks your speed, heart rate, and activity level. She then tailors your workouts so that you are getting the most out of the activity. She tells you when to speed up or slow down and she provides encouragements. When you’re not working out, the headphones function normally as music players and phone connectivity. She asks you questions throughout the day and updates your goals and training plan to account for injuries, weather and sleep patterns. Watch the video on the kickstarter site to see Vi in action.

Vi is well over the fundraising goal with over $350,000 pledged already. The lowest pledge level to receive a Vi headset is $179 but you’ll get it before Christmas this year.


GoBone: All-day play for you and your dog by PulsePet

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.20.11 PM

A good idea that supports a good cause; And also puppies! The biggest conundrum of pet owners is how to keep your furry friend occupied and stimulated when you can’t be with them. We’ve seen products that allow you to watch and play remotely, but the GoBone doesn’t even need you to participate at all. The intelligent software inside the GoBone moves it around on its own encouraging the dog to chase it around, chew it and throw it. You can even put treats inside as added incentive. The GoBone exterior design is safe and durable but removable so you don’t have to replace the whole product if it gets chewed up. The GoBone also has an app that allows an owner to take control when it’s time to play.

The creators of the GoBone also believe that their product can help socialize dogs in shelters who don’t get a lot of opportunity to play. Some of the pledges allow backers to receive one GoBone and donate another to a pup in need. A $129 pledge gets you the toy and shipping is estimated at Dec 2016.


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