#TechTortureTuesday Isn’t Child’s Play

Tech Torture

You’re suited up for a battle of epic proportions. You duck and dodge bullets and find a safe place to reload. You stuff your hand in your utility vest and you realize your ammo is seriously lacking. In fact, you have only one dart left. You curse under your breath and load the dart. In the corner of your eye, you see the enemy. Instead of a white flag, you see them holding a white iPhone. You close your eyes and fire…

Our tech torturers are proud veterans of many Nerf battles, that’s why for #TechTortureTuesday, they wanted to see if an innocent and relatively safe Nerf dart could shatter an iPhone’s screen. We’re not going to reveal their secret, but they managed to do it.

Do you think a Nerf dart can damage an iPhone screen? #techtorturetuesday #ubreakifix #nerf

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