Tech Torture

Our electronic devices get put through the ringer everyday. They’re thrown in purses and backpacks, jammed into pockets, sweat in glove boxes during the summer, chewed on by Terriers and toddlers, sent through airport security x-ray scanners, forgotten in hotel rooms, left on filthy subway seats,–you get the idea. We want to push smartphones and other electronic gadgets to their breaking points; literally.

For our first #TechTortureTuesday video we took a perfectly functioning (yet slightly outdated) iPhone 5 and spiked it at point-blank range into a marble slab. Why? We could get philosophical and tell you that it represents man destroying technology yet technology is the one that destroys man, but you’re not seeing this at a gallery opening. Peep our first video and check back every Tuesday to see what kind of torture we’ll put our devices through next.


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