Technician Spotlight |Benjamin Willoughby

Tech Spotlight

Our technicians at uBreakiFix are all leading experts in every gadget and gizmo out there. Greenwood, Indiana is a small town outside of Indianapolis and the home of Tech Benjamin Willoughby.


Getting to Know You:

How long have you worked at UBIF?

I have been with UBIF for 1 and a half years.


What led you to UBIF?

I have always been into technology and I began working for UBIF when they opened a location in Greenwood, IN.


What’s your favorite repair that you’ve completed?

My favorite repairs are on iMac’s. They always seem to be fun and challenging.


-What is your favorite part of being a technician?

My favorite part of being a technician is the hands on aspect and seeing the internals of devices.


What are your hobbies/favorite activities outside of work?

I spend as much time with my wife and 2 kids as I can.  We bike, play baseball and visit parks.


What movie are you most excited for this summer?

Looking forward to Batman Vs. Superman, can’t go wrong with a superhero movie!


War Stories:

What is the worst device you’ve seen come through the door?

I have seen a few DIY repairs gone wrong come into our stores. The customer attempted the repair on these occasions and it all went south for them fast. We were able to get the phones working with some new parts.  They just needed some sorting out.

What was the reaction of the device owner?

They were blown away that we were able to undo their mess and get the device working 100%.




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