Technician Spotlight | Emily Wyman

Tech Spotlight

Our technicians at uBreakiFix are all leading experts in every gadget and gizmo out there. Despite wearing similar shirts, all of our techs have a unique story and bring their own specialties to the store teams. Emily Wyman is a technician at one of our newer stores in Hiram, GA.


Getting to Know You

How long have you worked at uBreakiFix?
I was hired on to open a new store in Hiram Georgia about three months ago. I’m definitely a newbie still, but because the entire culture of uBreakiFix is so contagious I feel like I’ve been here much longer.


What led you to uBreakiFix?
I’ve worked as a technician in the past for other companies; I’ve also been on the sales side of pc’s, laptops, and cell phones. After being in the wireless sales industry for a few years I wanted to find a job where I could SOLVE people’s problems and offer real solutions. It really started to bother me when I saw people coming in and having to spend $500 or more on a new device and throw out the other because part of it was broken. I got to thinking, and up until a few decades ago everything was brought in to be repaired not replaced like it is now. As soon as I heard there was a new uBreakiFix store near me I applied!


What would you consider your repair specialty?
I’ve always enjoyed working on laptops and while I didn’t like them while I was training, I really love fixing Android phones now. Part of the fun in being a tech is overcoming obstacles, especially when you’ve failed before.


What is your favorite part of being a technician?
A job where I’m able to help others is where I want to be. I love the philosophy of uBreakiFix in that I truly get to help my customers. So many people walk into the store upset, embarrassed, frustrated or doubtful. It really is a blessing to stand next to someone and honestly say that I’m going to do everything I can to fix their problem. Beyond that, there are days I can get lost in my repairs. I think every tech loves the feeling they get after they’ve spent hours trying to fix something and it works! There’s always a ton of hooting and hollering in our shop when someone gets something back up and functioning well because we love celebrating together.


A job where I’m able to help others is where I want to be. I love the philosophy of uBreakiFix in that I truly get to help my customers.

What is your experience being a woman in a typically male-dominated position?
Surprisingly, we have four techs at our location and three of us are women! I do think it’s still a little shocking to our community when they walk in and see us in there because nobody expects it. It can be challenging at times because there are some males that want to doubt right off the bat that I can fix something, but, unfortunately judgement happens all the time to different people for all sorts of ridiculous reasons. I’ve always liked breaking stereotypes whether it’s with repairing devices, or having a conversation with a stranger. I believe that love believes the best in others and so I try to always keep that in mind when a male is skeptical of my ability; I need to believe the best in him too!


What is the most difficult part of being a technician?
The most difficult part of being a technician is when someone brings in an older device and the cost to repair [isn’t worth the cost of the device]. I love bringing devices back to life and it just stinks when [we can’t help them out].


Emily is working on replacing the LED screen on this Toshiba Satellite that a customer brought in.

War Stories

It continues to amaze me how many devices we get in that have been run over or crushed by something. One that made me giggle a little was a college student who dropped a dumbbell on his iphone at a party. I’ve also had a customer who purposefully broke her own phone during an argument so that she could get her point across. I asked, and yes her point was made and we were able to fix it. When she came in to pick it up she said that she “threw a $110 tantrum.”
The devices that are run over have a higher survival rate than some would expect! It really just all depends on exactly where and how the device is smashed.

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