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Tech Spotlight

Our technicians at uBreakiFix are all leading experts in every gadget and gizmo out there. If you ever find yourself in beautiful Estero, Florida and in need of a repair, visit Tech Beau McIlhargey.


Getting to Know You

How long have you worked at uBreakiFix?

I have worked at UBIF for a little over four months now.


What led you to uBreakiFix?

After getting out of the Army I was looking for something to do while I attended Florida SouthWestern college. I actually was getting in contact with a long time friend Matthew Ringland when he asked me if I wanted to come see what he did for work. I said yes and came into the Coconut Point UBIF. This is when he showed me some of the repairs and I immediately wanted to learn how to do things like that.

What would you consider your repair specialty?

The first device that I was taught was the iPhone 6. This is our most common repair. I am very comfortable with this repair and actually enjoy doing them at this point.


What is your favorite part of being a technician?

My favorite part of this job is the interaction with the customers. I love being around people and it is awesome to be constantly meeting new people. Every time a customer makes the comment that they feel like they just got a new phone makes me pretty happy to hear.


What is the most difficult part of being a technician?

I find the most difficult part about being a technician is when having to tell people there devices are not repairable, Some of the customers aren’t able to go and get a new phone right away and you can see how sad they get when hearing the news.IMG_0133

War Stories:

The worst device I have seen come in was an iPhone 6s. It was run over multiple times by a vehicle and was so badly bent that the glass would not even stick to the frame anymore it was in multiple pieces. The phone was not repairable but the customer wanted to see if we could at least get it working so that they could get the information off of it. We tried to get the phone bent back enough so that we could at least get a new screen on to see if it would even show any signs of life.  I tried a new battery as well to see if somehow the mother board was not completely ruined. The device did not at any point show any signs of life but even after telling the customer this, They appreciated that we had taken the time to even try to get the phone up and running enough to get data off of it.


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