Tech Checklist – Keeping Your Tech Safe During Storms

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We’re hunkering down at the uBreakiFix home office in preparation for Hurricane Matthew. Living in Florida, we’re well prepared for storms like this but we wanted to pass along some tips about how to prepare your tech for hurricanes or big storms.


Backup your files

Take this opportunity to backup the pictures, documents and other important info on your devices to a cloud program. If your tech gets damaged in the storm, you risk losing precious family photos and important files. Backup to iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive and no matter what happens to your physical belongings, your virtual ones will be out of harm’s way.  


Keep your batteries full

You won’t be able to charge your phone or laptop battery if the power goes out. Avoid non-essential use to preserve your battery and keep charged external batteries nearby just in case.


Keep watertight containers on hand

If flooding begins or you are thinking about evacuating and leaving your tech behind, use a watertight container to store gaming consoles, laptops and extra wires. Store the containers in a high closet or second story. If your house floods and your electronics are plugged in, you risk short circuits, electrocution and fires.


Unplug if you think you will lose power

Water and electricity do not mix well! Unplugging all your electronics before potential flooding is incredibly important. Water conducts electricity and like we said earlier, you could risk electrocution or electrical fires if you leave them. Also note however, that if your house already has significant flooding, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR ELECTRONICS OR ATTEMPT TO UNPLUG THEM. Don’t go into any room that has sustained a significant amount of water damage where electronics are still plugged in.


Write down important numbers and addresses

Do you have your immediate friends and families phone numbers memorized? Do you have the number of the Security Guards for Fire Watch in your directory in the wake of a conflagration? We don’t think about these things so much anymore when our contact lists are so readily available. If your phone dies or gets damaged, it is important to have these numbers and addresses of nearby shelters on hand. 


While nobody likes to think about the possibility of evacuating or preparing for the worst, knowing exactly what to do and prepping ahead of time will make the process much easier.  

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