Take a Dip For #TechTortureTuesday

Tech Torture

Summer is unofficially over, but in some places the mercury is still rising and the only way to cool off from the heat is to take a dip in a body of water of some kind. While some folks like to head to the beach, we decided to hit the pool deck to see if Wendy Peffercorn is there.

Sadly, she wasn’t. Then we realized Wendy Peffercorn doesn’t exist and we were really bummed, but not all was lost. Well, except maybe all of the data that was on this smartphone that somehow avoided the kiddie pool and “slipped” into the deep end without a waterproof case or arm floaties.  Yeah, it slipped, who said anything about it being pushed?


Maybe smartphones should avoid the deep end…or the kiddie pool. #techtorturetuesday #ubreakifix #waterdamage

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