Surprising Ways Your Smartphone Can Keep You Safe

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We live in the age of the smartphone. What don’t we rely on them for? They store our pictures, videos, important interactions. We use them to browse the web, check our Twitter accounts, watch our favorite shows. So isn’t it funny that so few people utilize their smartphones as a tool that can help keep them safe in a potentially dangerous situation?

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This application is available on most mobile devices- devices and carriers- new ones are added every day! There is a free plan, which has a more limited spectrum of what it offers. The real deal is the $9.95/month plan- a small feat for all the punch it packs.

The phone sets up a panic button, when you activate that panic button, your list of three pre-determined emergency contacts will be alerted via email/texts. By enrolling in the paid version, you are able to set up a safety profile to be forwarded to the authorities in the event of an emergency. This profile includes: list of allergies to both materials and medications, blood type, pertinent medical conditions, and a photo of yourself. Another great feature of the paid version is 24/7 access to a live conference call center- this is your liaison to emergency services.

With this amazing safety application, you can discreetly upload/share details of the perpetrator(s), to be relayed to authorities. While in this application, you are able to take pictures and record sounds in a way that will not bring unwarranted attention to yourself.


Check your phone’s app store for availability.

Similar to other safety applications, you will select three people to be your emergency contacts who are notified when things go awry. This application contains a type of panic button that will start the application- this includes live streaming of audio, video, GPS,- all details are sent to these formerly mentioned contacts. There is a really great option with this application- “stealth mode”, this unique feature keeps the screen black, giving the illusion that it is turned off, thus keeping further attention from being drawn to yourself. This is activated by a “hide” button at the bottom of the screen- remember it is still streaming live details for your contacts during this mode. Another great feature is the two way texting between you and a trained response specialist. These specialists will see what the situation is and will see if you need them to send the authorities to assist you in being helped out of a dangerous/suspicious situation. This is made even more convenient by the ability to select from pre-scripted responses on your end. During this application, you always have the option to end the application- before any kind of authorities have been involved.


These safety applications are two of the best  ways your smartphone can keep you safe and  the most trusted apps on the smartphone market today. Download it for yourself- this is perfect if you have to walk to a vehicle alone from work or school, if you take the bus, or work a job as an isolated employee, such as realtors. Parents, this is great to download for your children’s phone for walking home from the bus/school when you cannot be there, or for when they are out with friends- there is really no reason to not have one of these applications! Do yourself a favor today, and see which of these apps is best suited to your and your loved one’s needs- give yourself peace of mind!



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