Don’t Let Your Devices Fall Victim to the Summertime Surge


In summertime, we’re told that the livin’ is supposed to be easy, but that just isn’t the case for your favorite devices. It turns out that summer is the most dangerous time of the year for your phone and other portable electronics. At uBreakiFix and Asurion, we call it the ‘Summertime Surge’ due to the vast increase of broken devices that are brought in due to summertime activities gone awry.

In the electronics repair industry, we see a 50-80% increase in liquid damage repairs during the summer compared to the rest of the year. We also see a 10% increase in the number of cracked screens brought in. This makes perfect sense since the best summer activities involve water like boating, beaching, and poolside lounging. Independence Day in the U.S. and Canada Day in Canada are particularly unfortunate days for electronics. There are more lost, stolen, and damaged phones after these holidays than any other major holiday.

So now you may be clutching your favorite device to your chest wondering how you can possibly keep it safe, but there are several steps you can take to ensure it’s safety.

  1. Get a waterproof case – Most modern smartphones are waterproof to a certain extent, but if you have pre-existing damage, like screen cracks or scratches, the water-resistance on your device could be compromised. Waterproof cases are inexpensive, effective, and are usually clear so you can still use your device to take photos or listen to music. We recommend this one or this one.
  2. Get a summer-proof case – Summer opens up so many possibilities for adventure, and getting a stronger case ensures that your device will be ready for anything. The best device cases have lips around the screen and have extra protection on the edges. We recommend this higher-end option and this more affordable option.
  3. Keep your device on you – Leaving your device unattended or in an easily reachable place while you’re distracted makes it very easy to swipe. Luckily, wearable pouches like shoulder bags and fanny packs are very fashionable right now, so even if your swimsuit doesn’t have pockets, you can still keep your devices close. We recommend something like this or this waterproof one.
  4. Make your device easily returnable – If you do happen to lose your device, there are a few ways that you can make it easy to be returned to you. Take the time to turn on Find My iPhone and other built-in security features. If you have a password locking your phone, you can set your contact information as a photo on your lock screen so that someone can easily get in touch if they find it.

Sometimes though, even our best-laid plans go awry. If you need a broken device or busted smartphone fixed before you can continue your summer fun, uBreakiFix would love to help you out. Our affordable and convenient repair services will have you back out enjoying the weather in no time. We even have a variety of repair options, and two contactless options, to fit your unique needs during this time.


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