Steps That Count After Liquid Damage

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Liquid damage to a smartphone is a stressful experience, that often leaves smartphone owners feeling helpless. As a smartphone technician, I have seen liquid damage ranging from water(including salt water) to cans of Pepsi. Though the most important step is to get your phone to your local uBreakiFix, there are steps in the interim that can help prevent the damage from becoming any worse while you are on your way to uBreakiFix Winter Park!


1. Don’t turn it on. If the phone shuts itself off, you shouldn’t tempt fate by turning it on right after the incident. Pushing electricity through the phone, can further irritate any existing damage. It is the absolute worst thing you can do.

2. Don’t plug it in. This is the worst thing you can do after a phone has been liquid damaged. You are forcing electricity into an electronic device that has liquid still inside. It’s like the old cartoons where they are in a bath tub of water and a plugged-in hair dryer or toaster falls in which then fries the cartoon guy. It might be funny on the show, but not for your expensive phone.

3. Remove the battery. There are some smartphones where you can remove the battery cover and the battery itself. If its possible on your phone, you should do it until you are able to do the next step:

4. Take it to uBreakiFix Winter Park! I have fixed phones that went through a full wash cycle and it was dripping wet. Sometimes, a full cleaning will not be enough, and we will have to replace parts. Even if certain components need replacing, it will less expensive than a new phone, and will allow you to retain your original phone and data.

Please remember that time is very important when something like this happens. If you wait too long, then corrosion will build on your mother board and it can do massive permanent damage. Salt water one of the worst things that can happen to electronics as the corrosion builds twice as fast as any other type of liquid. Hopefully, the next time something like this happens to your phone, you can take a deep breath and remember these steps.



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