How to Stay Connected While Social-Distancing


Many of us are doing our part to flatten the curve of COVID-19 by staying home and social distancing. If you are finding it difficult to be away from friends and family, and could use some new suggestions and distractions, we’ve rounded up some of the ways that we’ve been staying connected, entertained, and active while social distancing.  


Stay Connected:

Video Chat:

We’re sure everyone has used Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom or some variation of this form of communication at some point, but we wanted to remind you that this would be a great time to introduce these programs to your friends and family. 


Marco Polo: If you’re looking for a way to chat with your friends that is less of a commitment than a phone call or video chat, we recently discovered this app and we can’t get enough. Marco Polo functions as a video walkie-talkie, allowing users to send video clips back and forth. Alternatively, if both users are online, it’ll function just like a regular video chat app would. You can create groups, use filters, and use text to communicate and we love it. 


Stay Entertained: 

Luckily, we’re self-isolating in a time when collaborative online activities are bountiful and there’s truly something for everyone’s group of friends to enjoy.  

For your trivia team: Do you miss getting together for your weekly night of trivia? Host your own trivia party through Kahoot!, a fun (and educational) app that when used with a video chat platform like Zoom or Google Hangouts, can be a great way to scratch your trivia itch. One member of your group can stream the game and everyone else can join the game through their smartphones and play along. 

For your gaming friends: If you’ve been to a house party in the last few years, chances are you’ve seen or played a game of Jackbox. Jackbox has a wide range of games like Drawful, Trivia Murder Party, and Fibbage and, believe us, they’re all hilarious. Just like Kahoot!, one member of your group can share their screen on a Hangout or Zoom meeting and everyone else can enter the game using their smartphones and the room code. 

For your concert crew: If you’re missing the excitement of live music, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Global Citizen are sponsoring a series of Instagram Live concerts called the #TogetherAtHome series. Some of our favorite musicians including John Legend, Nial Horan, and Hozier have already participated. Follow the WHO Instagram page to stay up to date with all future concerts. We also suggest Jukebox if you’re interested in collaborating with a group of friends on a ‘Work From Home’ playlist. It allows you to contribute music into one playlist and listen at the same time. If your group is more into live comedy then we suggest checking out comedian Mike Birbiglia who is hosting daily Instagram Live collaborations with other comedians and raising money for comedy club wait staffs across the country. 

For your movie buffs: Netflix Party is your answer to missing movie nights with your buds. It’s a Chrome browser extension that allows users to invite friends to join and chat while watching a movie or tv show on Netflix. There’s no need to all press play at the same time anymore! By sending a unique URL, all users will be able to watch what’s on the host’s screen at the exact same time. 


Stay Active:  

While it’s truly tempting to take advantage of this perfect excuse not to go to the gym, it’s also really important for your mental and physical well-being to stay active during social distancing. It helps that at-home workouts have never been easier to find. 

Instagram live workouts: We’ve been loving big companies and fitness-buffs who have been live streaming workouts that anyone can do at home. Fitness companies like Dailyburn, Toneitup, and Hartford Athletic are just a few offering free Instagram Live workout videos that you can follow along with every day. 

Free Trials: Now is also a great time to take advantage of extended free trials that a lot of fitness companies are offering. Peloton is offering a 90 day free trial of their app, which includes virtual workout classes and videos. Class Pass is offering their online workout videos on a by-donation basis with all proceeds going to fitness studios that are forced to close because of CDC guidelines. 


Need Help?:

If all of your devices are physically fine, but you or a loved one can’t figure out how to make a program or application work, you can take advantage of Asurion’s free expert support. This support number will connect you to a tech expert who can help make your life easier during this uncertain time. 


This service would also be extremely useful to people who are using telemedicine to communicate with their doctors. For free expert support for any home tech issues you have, just call Asurion at 844-529-2692.


We hope that some of our suggestions can help close the distance that we feel from each other during this time of necessary social distancing. We also know that taking advantage of any of these opportunities is impossible if you’re stuck using devices that are broken or not working correctly. uBreakiFix is still open in many areas of the country and we’re ready to help with any repair you need while adhering to CDC regulations of sanitation and space. Visit our site to find out what services your local uBreakiFix store is offering. 


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