Spring Cleaning for Your Tech: Organize Your Apps & Declutter Your Device


a graphic illustration of a red phone being sprayed with a cleaning solution from a bottle, on a light blue background


Spring isn’t over just yet, which means there’s still time for you to get your cleaning-spree on before summer hits! While you’re getting everything spic and span, why not do some digital decluttering, too? Our expert tips on how to organize your apps and keep your online info up to date should help.


Get things organized 

• Sort out items on your desktop by organizing items into folders and deleting things you no longer need.

• Folders are also a great option to keep the phone or tablet applications on your home screen tidy. 

• Once you’re done, don’t forget to empty out the recycling bin!

• While you’re cleaning up, clear out the cache on your browsers, too.

• Upload any items you don’t need regularly to a cloud storage system or onto an external hard drive; this can help you save space on your laptop, desktop, phone OR tablet. 


Update your info 

• Take a minute to make sure all your most important accounts have the correct related email address or phone number, and to update any old passwords you think may be compromised. 

• While you’re at it, you should make sure your address is correct for accounts you may have not updated in a while, like your banking account.

• Set up filters or inbox categories, and assign your incoming messages appropriately so they help take care of clutter before it starts by automatically sorting your incoming mail.


Clean out the clutter 

• Overwhelmed by the amount of unread messages in your inbox? Go to unroll.me to see a list of the emails that you’re subscribed to, allowing you to easily unsubscribe from whatever you’d like.  

• Get rid of old text messages, call logs, and contacts you no longer use. This is a great time to go through and delete those 4 old numbers you have for your aunt that she hasn’t used in years!

• Delete applications you don’t use regularly to free up some space, too. To see what applications you’re actually getting use out of regularly (and figure out which should go), check out your app usage in the menus. 


Looking for more details on how to get things squeaky-clean? Check out our guide on how to deep-clean your phone inside and out!

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