Small Business Spotlight: Celebrating Local Communities

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Small Business Spotlight:

Celebrating Local Communities


November 28th is International Small Business Day! It’s no secret that this year hasn’t been an easy one for most— especially for small businesses. Which is why we’d like to take a moment ahead of time to say “Thank you!” to the local businesses that keep our world running.


At uBreakiFix, we’re proud to offer solutions for the same small businesses that help feed our communities and enrich our lives, including:

Free diagnostics & estimates: Because finding the issue shouldn’t cost you. 

Quick, quality careOur repairs are quick, but never compromise quality.

Bulk discounts: Allowing you to save on even your biggest repair jobs.

Nationwide locations: Hundreds of locations, always here to help.


Work With Us

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, this week we’re shining a spotlight on two small business owners we had the privilege of working with.

Check out their interviews below to see how they use uBreakiFix to keep their workplace running smoothly, and how we work together with small businesses to provide ongoing care that the community can count on.



Louis P., Tech Pros USA 


Louis P. is the owner and founder of Tech Pros USA, formerly Incision Network. In this year’s increasingly-online world, local services like Tech Pros are crucial to keep everyone connected. Tech Pros focuses on security, surveillance, and networking, and grew quickly from a local tech support shop to a managed IT service provider for businesses and residential areas.

Louis says “I’ve been doing computer repair for 20 years, but 3 years ago, I started taking my computer repairs to uBreakiFix.”

With a limited team size, Louis wanted to be able to grow his business, but found that computer repairs were eating up a lot of his time. Time that could be better spent servicing his customers in other ways, like by providing on-call networking support to local schools and businesses. Now, instead of wasting precious hours diagnosing computer problems and other tech issues, Louis partners with uBreakiFix for computer repairs instead.

Today, he’s grown his store to three locations in Stamford, Norwalk, and upstate Connecticut.

Passing the torch for computer repair to uBreakiFix gave Louis more time to spend in the field and on the job, doing the work he enjoys most. This unofficial partnership also allows him more time to focus on his primary business goals and passions, including the security and network issues that his company specializes in.

“We have a small team, operating 7 days a week; 4 people, two of them field techs and one customer service success specialist. And then me, of course. I love my job because it’s never the same,” Louis says.

“I look forward to the challenge on a daily basis. I think my whole team does.”

“Every project is uniquely challenging, and that gets me excited to come to work. Whether we’re working in a luxury home or a warehouse, everyone has different needs. I look forward to the challenge on a daily basis. I think my whole team does.”

“Businesses like ours are really important to keep people connected and safe right now, you know? Everyone is online. Some change is necessary in this business. Customers need to be able to walk in and know that we can get them back up and running. uBreakiFix helps us do that.”

Having more time to focus on business also allows Tech Pros USA  to contribute to the community in other ways, like through volunteer work and donations.

On his partnership with uBreakiFix, Louis says “There’s a lot of trust there. We exchange both devices and clients, so there should be. We both want to contribute; to keep things running and help our local communities in every way we can.”


photo of two women standing side by side in front of a jewelry case: the one on the left has short blonde hair, the one on the right has medium brunette hair, both wearing fancy jewelry


Veronica M., Mazzarese Jewelry


Veronica of Mazzarese Jewelry has been in business for over 40 years, providing her expert eye and supplying watches and fine jewelry for generation after generation. 

On why she loves her work, Veronica M. says “I love being able to help people find the perfect gift, one that will truly last forever. Having a small part in their special memory means so much to me.”

Veronica uses her local uBreakiFix in Overland Park, Kansas for everything from tablets to computers. She says she can’t live without her phone, and relies on her local store to help keep her technology up to date and business running smoothly. 

“Their customer service has been outstanding… They always go above and beyond. They help me keep up to date with iPads and all kinds of other technology we need to run our business. It’s a true partnership.”

We’re proud to partner up with Louis, Veronica, and other small business owners around the nation to provide electronics repair of all kinds.

Need help keeping your business running smoothly, too? We’d love to talk.

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