Tech Hack | Use a Lego Minifigure to Silence Your Phone

Tech Hacks

Silent mode is deceiving sometimes. It’ll keep your ringtone off but if you open a game or accidentally brush over an Instagram video and you’re forced into a frantic fumble to silence the evidence. This is especially awkward if you’re at the office or in class and are trying to be stealthy about your device snooping.

But consider what happens when you have a set of headphones plugged into your device. All the sound comes through the headphones and the device itself is completely silent (with the exception of vibrations).

Headphone plugs accomplish this same thing, but without giving the sound anywhere to escape. This hack will help you avoid any awkward disturbances caused by a rogue device, plus you’ll get the opportunity to upcycle some broken tech that you haven’t had a good use for.



What You Need:
Headphones: it doesn’t matter if they’re broken, but they must have a jack that will fit your device.
Lego minifigure: No permanent harm will come to them.
Glue gun


The first step is to cut the headphone cord so that it fits into the minifigure head. Depending on the thickness of the jack and the cord, determine how far away from the jack you need to cut to ensure that it can be secured into the top of the minifigure.



Once you’re happy with the length, put hot glue on the end of the headphone jack and place it into the top of the minifigure head. Hold it there until it dries.

If you are unhappy with the placement of the glue or the jack, simply peel off the hot glue and start over. Hot glue is sturdy, but very easy to remove from plastic. This craft can be customized to fit basically any jack or small figurine.



And that’s it! Now you have a personalized headphone jack that will stop your device from accidental noise and show off your Lego excellent collection of Legomen.


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