The Great Debate: Should I Upgrade my Smartphone?

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It’s a wonderful time of year- fall weather is upon us, the holidays are near, and the top smartphone manufacturers have saved the best and most anticipated cell phone releases for this exact time of year. It makes sense, smartphones are a popular gift choice and people are keen to be seen with the latest version of the phone they already have. Sure, the novelty of a new phone purchase is pretty thrilling to you, but it’s a pretty decent blow to your bank account- especially if the phone is still working. What if your phone is damaged, and you are just itching to get the newest version of Apple’s flagship phone? A broken screen, damaged or missing buttons, water damage– you get the idea. Even if your phone doesn’t look like new anymore, you should still consider repair for a variety of reasons.

iPhone Glass Repair

Sally has an iPhone 4s, last week she dropped her phone and the screen is now shattered. She thought about filing an insurance claim- something she pays about $5-10 a month for- and if she does file a claim, she still has a deductible to cover. That cost can average about $150. On top of all that financial hassle, you still don’t end up with a new phone. You will get a phone that was probably at one time or another in a very similar situation, and has been refurbished to hand out as replacements. Sally decides to not file a claim, because Apple is releasing a new phone, and she is due for an upgrade.

I know what you’re thinking, an upgrade that will give you a new phone, and is advertised as being either very low cost or free. Never mind the fact that you are further locked into a contract of 24 months and left without another upgrade for the duration of said contract.

Something like a broken/shattered screen is easily fixed at uBreakiFix- and for the 4s model in particular, you are looking at a total cost of $80. Consumers are eager to throw away something they see as damaged in favor of something new. Think of it this way, you don’t get rid of a car because of a problem that can be fixed. Sure it will cost you money up front, but you will be left with a perfectly working car- and way less hassle than the agony of purchasing a new car.

It’s good to think of smartphones the same way- sure you could get a new one, but if your device is still working, it is %100 worth investing in the repair process. When you get a new phone, you have to spend time transferring all your data, learning how to use it- that time and energy adds up! There is still life in the phone you have! If you go out and get an upgrade, and then two weeks later drop that phone in the toilet, sure it might able to be repaired, but it’s a newer phone with a higher repair cost. You’re out an an upgrade and repair expense.

Another idea for those who like to plan for rainy days, repair your older phone no matter if you upgrade or not- just for the sake of being able to tuck it away. You never know when a phone will be damaged beyond repair, lost, or stolen, and then it is as easy as having your spare phone activated. Voila! No pesky wait for a replacement, and your wallet will thank you as well.

A damaged phone is still worth something, at uBreakiFix, we love being able to give phones their second life- at manufacturer quality standards and many completed while you wait. We’ll price match any of our competitors and back up our work with our signature warranty plan.

HTC Thunderbolt Glass Repair

So stop staring at that shattered screen, and come on down to ubreakiFix- and do something fun with the money you didn’t have to spend to upgrade!

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