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Improve your phone’s life and longevity with our expert tips.


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As experts in the phone repair game, we know a lot about how to prevent accidents before they happen. We’re here to help teach you how to increase your phone’s life and longevity, whether you’re cursed with shattered screens or your batteries keep going bust. Our not-so-well-kept secret for extending your iPhone life or keeping your Galaxy running longer? 


Take preventative measures. The best way to avoid shattering your phone screen in the first place is to make sure that it’s protected when the inevitable occurs. Accidents happen, so protect your phone from spills by using a tempered glass screen protector, and use a case that provides a cushion. That way, the screen isn’t the first thing to smash the ground if it slips out of your fingers.  


If you’ve been putting off getting a cracked phone screen repaired, don’t wait too long. A shattered or splintered screen can lead to bigger problems. If your digitizer or other internal components stop working properly too, it’ll get more difficult (and expensive!) to fix. If your phone screen can still be used, back up your data ASAP by connecting to your computer. Then take it in to uBreakiFix for an expert diagnostic, done on the house.


Looking to boost your battery life instead? Next, we’ll explain 8 urban myths about battery upkeep. There’s a lot of common charging misconceptions floating around out there, and we’re here to clear it all up. We’ll even show you the right tricks to use, straight from our tech experts


8 Easy Ways to Boost Battery Life

Sick of your phone calling it quits long before you’re ready to head home? Try these phone battery tips and tricks so your tech can finally keep up with you.


1. You don’t always have to give it 100%.

Perpetually keeping your phone plugged in to charge is a great way to quickly degrade the battery for good. When your phone stays at 100% and remains on the charger for a long stretch, it subjects your battery to a higher voltage and temperature, which shortens its lifespan. Instead of constantly keeping your phone plugged in all the time, it’s actually more effective to charge your phone in short spurts. On a related note…


2. Full drains are unnecessary.

There’s an old rumor that you should let your phone battery fully deplete every so often before charging it. That’s not quite true! At least, not anymore. While this myth has roots in fact, it’s actually a holdover from lead-acid batteries. Modern phone batteries typically use lithium-ion and do not require full charge cycles. In fact, letting a phone with a modern battery charge from 0% to 100% every time negatively impacts battery life and longevity.  For the best battery performance, shoot to keep your phone’s charge level between 25% and 75%.


3. Let your battery breathe.

If you have a habit of leaving your phone on the charger and under your pillow, that’s a sure-fire recipe for battery issues. Most phones can quickly displace heat with adequate airflow, so by leaving it on your nightstand or another solid surface, it’s much less likely to overheat. A fully charged battery running in high temperatures can cause permanent damage, leading to poor battery performance. On that note; try to keep your tech away from direct sunlight, too.


4. Stay off your phone while it charges. 

If you’re guilty of gaming or streaming videos while your battery is at 1%, this tip’s for you! It’s best to turn off your phone while it’s charging, or, if that’s not possible, to keep usage to a minimum until you’ve reached an adequate charge. Applications that drain and deplete the battery (aka parasitic loads) while your phone is charging can force portions of the battery to run mini-cycles. Mini cycles cause parts of your battery cell to deteriorate faster than others and can hinder battery performance over time. 


 5. Overcharging leads to overheating.

Chronic chargers who consider their charger an extra umbilical cord, take note. Parasitic load issues and mini-cycles can occur when your phone is fully charged, too. A fully charged battery running a parasitic load leads to higher temperatures and voltage stress, neither of which are good for your phone’s battery health over time.  Remember, experts indicate partial charging is the way to go for long-lasting lithium-ion battery life. Aim to charge your phone before it gets below 30%, and unplug it once it’s at around 75% charge.


6. A little patience goes a long way.

Fast charging technologies might be appealing, but the percentage on your screen doesn’t always give a full picture. Using higher voltages than recommended while charging your phone might get it to 100% more quickly, but it can also lead to random rapid drains later on. Try to reserve rapid-charger use for when you really need a quick battery boost, instead of making it your primary charging choice. We’ve already covered why you shouldn’t charge a phone overnight, but that goes double when using a rapid charger. Try to unplug your device as soon as it’s properly charged up to avoid overexposing the battery to a high voltage over time. 


 7. Don’t overlook the obvious.

Check the Battery Usage in your Settings. Most phones include a list of applications and their battery use percentage within this section. Check these out and hunt for unlikely culprits of battery drain. Many apps use location services in your phone’s background processes even when the application is closed, which can quickly deplete your battery and impact overall speed or performance. If any of your apps fit the profile, you can easily turn off this option in Application Settings.


8. Keep it out of the shower.

While many phones are rated as water-resistant, that doesn’t mean that humidity is always a-ok. The same humidity that makes your mirror steam up during a hot shower can lead to condensation inside of your iPhone, or stop your Samsung Galaxy from starting up. Condensation can lead to electrical shortages, rust, and other component corrosion. That’s why experts advise keeping your phone in a separate room while taking a bath or shower. Can’t give up grooving while you wash your hair, or addicted to watching soaps while you soak in the tub? Try a waterproof phone case to mitigate damage.



Turn these smart charging techniques into healthy habits to easily extend your phone battery’s life and longevity. Plus, eliminating background battery drains can free up your phone’s processes and increase performance speed.


But if your battery is beyond saving and you’d like a fresh start, check out our battery replacement services.


Our repairs usually take less than two hours, and diagnostics are always free at uBreakiFix.

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