Fixes to Fuel the Soul: Sara The Triceratops

We Fix It All

Sometimes old tech takes on a life of its own. Retro gear helps us bring the past into the present, whether your memories are tied to a VHS player you vividly remember hitting rewind on repeatedly or an heirloom sewing machine that’s centuries old. 


And that makes it all the more heartbreaking when our old devices fail to function properly. Their sentimental value means they can’t be easily replaced, and parts can be hard to track down if you’re not an expert. 


That’s where uBreakiFix comes in.


As experts in the repair game, we pride ourselves on being able to fix anything with a power button– old or new. We love fixing all sorts of tech, and some stories stand out among the rest.


 Like Sara the Triceratops.



Our training team got a brand-new challenge when Zoraida brought in her child’s broken Triceratops toy. It had been a lucky thrift store find of hers a few months back, only $90 for a dream-toy that normally costs around $500. It worked for a while after she brought it home (just long enough for her child to fall in love with it), but the original batteries were still in the terminal.

And, as old tech tends to, it had begun to rust. These old batteries eventually rusted over and corroded the terminal entirely. She could clearly see the batteries were still making contact, but as soon as she tried to change them, Sara stopped coming to life.



Zoraida brought Sara to the training team for some assistance. The team put their heads together and quickly realized Sara’s repair, which likely would have immediately been dismissed as a lost cause by other stores, was actually an extremely simple fix.

The team removed the corroded, rusty battery terminals and installed new ones. To fit the new battery terminals in properly, the techs had to shave and reshape the plastic housing it would fit into. 



Next, they installed new wiring to the motor, rewiring the two leads for the positive and negative feed. Luckily, the motor and the plastic bits on Sara’s insides were all still intact and in working condition, despite the rusted-out old terminals. Luckily, a little corrosion doesn’t scare our team; we’re used to seeing all kinds of hardware gore, so saving Sara was a breeze.


The team had to cut open the fabric around the power source to get at it initially, but they were able to stitch it back together nicely after installing the new terminals and wires. 


The entire repair was completed in under an hour; and the smile on the family’s face when they finally brought Sara back to life was worth its weight in gold.


While this little dino will certainly make the list of the most interesting things we have repaired, it just goes to show– we’ll truly fix anything with a power button. 

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